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The app we’re going to know today is about using on our mobile phone.  The valut is about the App.  The specificity of this application is that we can lock our mobile phone gallery lock.  This app is designed so that no one can see it.  This application can be viewed in the form of the compass.  So no one can understand that this is a application that uses a gallery lock.We have discussed before about the application like this.  The app is an application similar to that app, and the app develops the difference between these two.  Before this we have discussed and viewed the application as a mobile phone diner.  But this application is designed in the form of a compass.  This application is named Compass Gallery vault is a secret vault for gallery photos and videos and music ,

Compass Gallery vault is a secret vault for gallery photos and videos and music.Now a days All people know about Gallery vault but this App is unique Front end display Compass and Behind it you can hide all your photos and videos, so No One can know you have installed Gallery Vault.You can Hide Photos and Videos and Create Secret notes in Compass Gallery Vault,New Way to Hide your files and enjoy Images and Videos inside Compass Vault .

One of the most common problems faced by installing regular applications is to keep up with the ads frequently.  The application also has the ability to lock the gallery and keep the gallery hid.  This application used to pass a password using Finger.  As given below Once you click on the link  You can download and install this application.  Once the people who use Android mobile phone go to this link download the app  It’s possible.


Today we are going to introduce you to the application to download video or audio from Facebook and YouTube.This is an application that lets you download video or audio from other websites.This application is not available on the PlayStation and you can download this application as freeware by clicking on the link below.The instube is the name of this application.Many apps like this are available in the Play Store today, but out of these it makes this app different from the download of videos from many websites.Generally, another applications can only be downloaded from YouTube or from Facebook.This app has visited this website to learn about its technical aspects.Additionally, the TV show can be downloaded using the application.  News users can download and view news.  You can download and use it right when you hear the music you like.  How can you use this application?  After clicking on the Download button below, you can download the APK file.  You can then install it on your mobile phone.Also, Instute App Security verified application.You can only lose a lot of space to install this app from your mobile phone.  Likewise, there is little Internet access to download this app.  Similarly, you do not need any kind of registration to download this application.This application can only be accessed by people who use Android phones.  If you do not have a Android mobile phone then you will be contacting us about the other application


Hey everybody .  An application that we are applying to you today is quite different.  Because we have put an application in front of you, there are a lot of people asking us about this application.  We lost our mobile phone  How to delete mobile phone inside data, for example photos, videos or other data.  Today we introduce you to an application that uses it. Erdoo is the application name used to delete lost mobile data.  You can download this application from the Google Play Store.  After clicking on below  Get Started Play Store button you can download the application to PlayStore. The Eradoo app is another specialty Eradoo protects your data and your privacy when your device is lost or stolen, through erasing all your phone data remotely , and without internet connection. Eradoo is a very powerful security app with unique features for privacy protection and anti-theft , and has the only goal of protecting your privacy and personal data from intruders and thieves.The only one thing worse than losing your phone is the possibility that somebody else can access your secrets and personal data, such as messages, images and videos… But don’t worry Eradoo application brings an innovative solution with a 99% guaranteeEradoo application developers are absolutely free to bring this application to you.  Clicking on “Get on Google PlayStore” button can download this application only for Android users.  You can also connect directly to us to find the application for people who use a non-Android phone.  Deliver this application to your friends once you like it.


mobile phone.photo .video.Contact.hide application   We have already been introduced to this website about the application that can be hid.  Today we are going to introduce another app.  Once you click on the link provided below, you can download this application by going to the Play Store.  After installing this application, you will see a drowned look.  So people who see this application will think that they are dealer pad on our mobile phone. this application name is Dialer + Calc Vault – Hide Photo, Video & Contact  ,

Have you ever been caught hiding your private photos and files ?
Here is an app that you can use to hide your private Photos, Videos, Files and Contacts without anyone knowing that you are using any kind of vault app.
“Dialer + Calc Vault – Hide Photo, Video & Contact” hides pictures from any unauthorized person and secures them in the app that will be called Dialer. You no longer have to dread letting anyone go through your photo gallery on your Android smart phone or tablet as you can easily use this photo locker to lock all these private images, videos, audios or any type of file that you want. These encrypted images or videos can only be viewed and accessed via this app using the passcode and no one can open it without the passcode that you will set once you install this dialer locker. Also contains Calculator Vault Theme with in the app for who wants to use both vaults at one place. 
Easy to switch from dialer vault to calculator (Simply press dialer vault / calculator vault button to apply theme). 


PUBG MOBILE game that is highly regarded among the games.  Censuses indicate that the game is more popular than the mobile game players will play.  But the need for more space on mobile phones is to install the biggest challenges for people playing the
PUBG MOBILE game .  Likewise many people say that the mobile phone is slow when installed on the rest.  Today we are familiar with an application that is very useful for these people.This application, FlashDog-Best GFX Tool For PUBG , is very useful for both the Pubg Game users. FlashDog is a game must-have app, providing diverse and powerful game supported features to make game with more fun, and our main purpose is to support our users for better gaming experiences. We help you to run your games faster and smoother, and provide you with a safe and private environment while you are gaming.  Gaming Client does not decrease the use of this application.  Likewise, no matter how big the game is, the phone does not get slow and does a good performance.  Usually when using this type of application, we often make it difficult for ads to come.  But once this app is installed, there is no such difficulty.The reason for the application is to mention.  Many people have been asked to email us about this application.  Below is a link to download this application.  Once you open that link, you can download this app directly by PlayStore.  Only Android users can download the application with this link.  When we email mail we send the link to it.  Once you have liked this application, bring it to your friends.  Let us know the comments about our website, Searchjobz.com .Good day.


The application we are going to know today is an application that can be backed up and stored on our phone.  This means it’s an application you can use to restore all old data data to a new phone when we format our phone or purchase a new phone.  The same is a restore application that retrieves the old data which is our essential component when it comes to formatting the phone in the form of a new phone.  All we have to do is to go to the link below and download and install this application.Then open up the install application.  Open the backup .Restore.  You can find a number of options like Delete Backup.  Click the Backup All option.  After you wait for some time to go to File Manager and check the phone memory, this application will be viewed by the folder.  From that folder we can copy and paste into the wrapped file memory.  Then any phone that you want to restore our data on the phone is to deposit our memory card.Then install the same application on the newly used phone.  Then open the application.  Click on the third option on the Restore option.  Then back up our installed memory card and select the data.  Wait till you press Ok button.Now if you check your new phone you will see that all the data on the old phone is registered to the new phone.  Another unique feature is that anyone can use this restore application.If you intend to format your phone using this application, do not forget to copy and paste this application back app file into your file memory card.  Because you will be backed up using this application and your file will be saved in the phone’s memory.  So when you format it, that data can become delete.  Therefore, the file must be connected to the memory card.


Hi friends.  The application we are about to use today is an application that can be used as a torch.  But this flashlight torching has a lot of features. this application name is flashlight vault .this application use to FlashLight Gallery vault is a Secret Gallery Vault. in this app front end use can see Torch but behind the Torch you can hide your gallery photos and videos. FlashLight Gallery Vault is Gallery locker and lock your secret photos and videos. Photos in our gallery using this application.  Videos can be hidden without seeing anyone.  But this application will look like a flash light torch to see.  So no one can know where the photo video in your gallery is being hidden.  This application can be used to hide and lock even by password.
FlashLight gallery vault is a unique Gallery vault by its amezing features like First Screen other use can use only as a Torch but you can only know that this is a vault and you can hide your photos and videos behind it. Everybody will think that this is only Torch app but Only You know that this is a Gallery vault behind the Torch. The Best Gallery Locker app with Secret Torch and Gallery Vault.
If you want to use this application, click on Go to Google Play.  Then download and install the application.  Only Android users can use this app for this app.  Once you have this application.  Do not forget to share with your friends.


We’re going to let you know that our Android mobile phone is an Internet data-controlling application.  What makes this application unique is that we can put the application on the Internet online and turn off the Internet of other applications.  Applications like Off apps like Facebook WhatsApp are going off offline when we turn off the phone’s data.  Similarly, when you turn on our mobile phone, the applications that come with the internet are automatically downloaded.In this case, the application will turn on the Internet only when we turn on the applications we love.  Once you click on the link provided below you can download this app.  This app is downloading it free.  Installing it does not lose space on your phone.  Because only a small Internet MB is needed to install it. This application will benefit many of those who work abroad.  Because we control our mobile internet data usage, we can get lots of money.  And occasionally the ads do not make it difficult to get used to this app.  Only users using an Android phone can download this application by clicking on the link given below.  If people using iPhone are connected to us as personalities, the link will be sent to us.You can block Any network access based App, Hostname and IP using the no root firewall.
It supports custom rules fully, shadowsocks and shadowsocksR proxy, the only network firewall supports these features.
With the firewall App, reduce your data usagesave your battery, protect your privacy, take back the better Android life you deserve.



The app we use is that of everyone who uses mobile apps.  One of the main problems faced by all of us is that we are not able to chat with other nations.  That’s because we do not understand their language.  Because different countries use different types of languages.  English is the only English language used.  But many people will not be able to use English.  This is an application that is very much for those people.  .  In any language we speak in our language it is an application that uses it to change it. 
SnapTrans can translate English to Hindi or other languages or dialects in one step for almost any applications(Facebook,WhatsApp,Messenger etc).Using this app, you can translate any text into your native language to make reading much easier,chat with foreign language friends accessibility. This app is available in most of the world languages.  
In all kinds of social chat applications, just drag the translation ball onto the bubble text, it can change the language you know, and communicate directly with foreign language friends. Go to the link below and download this application.  Then type in the matter what we want to transmit in the inbox that comes with.  Type the language and select Language to select any language or change the language.  Now click on the Transatlantic button.  And this application is another feature.

supported languages. 
English, Hindī/हिन्दी, தமிழ்/Tamiḻ,ગુજરાતી/Gujarātī, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ/Punjabi, bāṅlā/বাংলা, తెలుగు, मराठी/Marāṭh, اُردُو/Urdū, ಕನ್ನಡ/kannaḍa, മലയാളം/malayāḷaṁ, Chinese/中文, Español/Castellano, عربي/عربى, Malay/Bahasa Melayu, Portuguese/Português, Russian/ру́сский язы́к, French/le français, German/Deutsch, Hausa/هَوُسَ,Japanese/にほんご,فارسی/Fârsî,Swahili/kiswahili,Javaneses/Basa Jawa,Thai/ภาษไทย,Indonesian/Bahasa Indonesia,Turkish/Türkçe,Nepali/nepali,Filipino/Tagalog,Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt,Korean/한국어,Italiano/Italian,Czech/Čeština


Today we’re going to get acquainted with an app with a video call.  A variety of video call apps are available in Play Store and on websites today.  Today we are bringing you a different video call app.  One of the main features of this application is that it does not give your personalized data to create account in this application.  Or the phone number .gmail account does not necessarily have to provide a personalized data like this.  So, you can customize your favorite account with your favorite name.
That is why another person does not get our original name in any way.  Usually when we have installed a video call application like this, the application can be used only after they have sent the OTP to our mobile number.  But this application can be used without any kind of difficulty .That is why most of the applications are being utilized by the application.  the video call name is twinme video call.
this video call application anther specialty You can choose what you personally disclose about each of your twin contacts: Your name, your image, which you can change at any time. You control how each contact can reach you (or not). Since your contact information is personal to each of your contacts, it cannot be transferred by someone else. You are in full control, whether you interact with a close friend or a complete stranger.
similarity since twinme does not access any of yours or your contacts personal information, it cannot be used for commercial purposes. Unlike most other messaging apps, you are not a product. Once you click on the link provided below to download this application, you can go to the Play Store and download this app.Only Android users can download it once you click on the link given below Let us know your valuable comments and suggestions about this app. If you are an app that you are using, share with others