Hi guys, today iam going to introduce a very rare application for you. Iam definitely sure that you many not see such an application before. Because all the features of this application is really interesting and useful and also it’s really surprising.
The name of the app is ” apk File extractor ” .
Now you may understand a little about this app. This application will help you to extract the apps in your smartphone.

Benefit apk file converter

Easy to use and saves to folder. I now use before updating critical apps. This enables restoration in the event that updated apps are a disaster. Certainly helped after recent Firefox update. No intrusive ads or excessive battery drain



  • This application is very easy to use and the features are really fast.
  • You can able to extract almost all the apps in your smartphone including the system apps
  • One of the best merit of this app is you didn’t want to root your smartphone. So you can also able to use this app without root your smartphone.
  • You can also able to search the names of the apps through the searching option.
  • Do you one another feature of this app? You can also able to share all the apps to anyone through social media apps or something like that.
  • You can also able to extract or share all the apps or selected apps at a single time.
    Do you ever seen such type of features. Sometime the apk files of some applications were missed after install the app. In such case you just want want to install this app and extract the app which you want to extract.
    If you are searching for this type of features, install this app and start using.


 You open the app and simply tap an app on the list and it’s backed up to storage. I was able to move a few apps from old phones that I was unable to get on my new phone, 


signal messenger for android

Hi guys, hope you are going good. Today iam going to introduce a relevant application. Now a says whatsapp bring many new policies is the app which didn’t give any importance to the privacy of the users. As a result many people stop using whatsapp. When many people who leave whatsapp now will definitely think about an alternative. Here i can prefer you the signal app. I think many people are well aware about this app on these days. Because almost all the people who left whatsapp decided to use signal.

If you didn’t know nothing about this app, let me help you to know more about this app. Actually this is the similar app of whatsapp which is free for everyone. But it is impressive that signal provide the end to encryption method to the uses. So it is definitely sure that the chating must be private and secure. This is the main reason to people leave whatsapp. Because whatsapp avoid this from the app. We all k ow that privacy if the users is important while using this apps.


signal messenger

This app also support the features like HD voice and video calls. And also if you only have a little data or there is slow network you can easily able to send the messages to anyone.
You can also able to use dark theme if the default theme isn’t suitable for you. You can also able to do crop and other editing things while send a photo to others.


You can also able to link devices to this app like you link your whatsapp to your oc usthad g whatsapp web. This app also provide a pin setup feature to make the app more secure. You can also able to delete your account anytime.
So if you are going g to delete your account from whatsapp and searching for an alternative, i recommend you to install this app in your smartphone.

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Secret Chat messages

Hi guyz,today iam going to introduce Secret Chat messages application for you. The name of the application is “telegram”.We all know that telegram is a very popular application which have a lot of features.
So today I would like to give a detailed review of the application called telegram.

Secret Chat messages

You can use telegram for different purposes like chating.
That means you can able to chat with your friends through telegram like you chat with them through some social media applications like whatsapp and messenger.

But while we use these types of applications there are some limitations. That means you can’t able to send a big sized file to anyone through whatsapp or messenger. Iam definitely sure that this feature is definitely a required one. Unfortunately whatsapp and messenger like other applications didn’t have this feature.

But don’t worry.Here is the solution for the particular problem.
If you want to send a large sized file to anyone,telegram will help you for that. This is one of the best and attractive feature of telegram and that’s why majority of th people choose telegram to send large sized files like media files,documents e.t.c.

Secret Chat messages using telegram

Another attractive feature of telegram is it I’ll provide you a fast service while sendinf files.
You can also able to create groups and secret chats in telegram.Likewise,telegram have many chating assistant features like GIF and stickers.

So these ate the features of telegram. If you want to send large size file to anyone within short period of time. And enjoy a new chatimg experience with a lot of awesome features. Install this application in your smartphone. This app take your privacy seriously and will never give third parties access to your data. Built to deliver your messages in the minimum bytes possible, Telegram is the most reliable messaging system ever made. It works even on the weakest mobile connections.

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Save Your Photos


Easy Password Recover

Install All Application Free

We use many applications in our smartphone.We download many of them from ‘PLAY STORE’. Through play store,we can able to download many applications for free.But in some cases,we get some applications for payment.At that time we can’t able to download that type of applications without the payment.Now a days,majority of the people use online banking system.They can able to download those applications by using the payment option.

After install and use that type of applications,there is a chance to uninstall that applications by we itself or someone who use our smartphone.At that time,we lose the money that we use to install the payment applications.
But,with the application that I introduce today,you can able to download any type of applications in play store or internet without any payment.That means for FREE.The name of the application is ‘APPVN’.You can download this application from chrome.After install this application you can able to install and enjoy any applications for free.There are some awesome books in play store for payment.But using this application,you can able to download and read those E-BOOKS for free.

You can also download some outstanding applications like GTA
,SAN ANDREAS and CALL OF DUTY for free.So iam sure that this application is really helpful for everyone who can’t able to download some awesome payment applications.

This application have another important feature.That is,through this application,you can able to download any new or old favorite movies.So this application have somany attractive uses.Iam sure that this is the application that you are searching for a long time.

After reading this you can also understand that thing and you will be confirmed after install and use this application.So just try this application for a new and better performance.

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We introduce a number of applications on our website. Use it only at your own risk. Neither our searchjobz.com website will be liable for any adverse events caused by this.



Hi guys,once again welcome back to the world of awesome applications.Today i would like to introduce an entirely different application that related to the hidden chat social media. especially whatsapp. I think that this application will really help you.The name of the application is ‘UNSEEN’.

The two important and attractive features of this application are ‘HIDDEN CHAT’ and ‘AVOIDING THE BLUE TICK’ in whatsapp and also in other messaging applications. With the ‘HIDDEN CHAT’ feature of this application you can able to read all the messages that you will receive through whatsapp and other applications without open the whatsapp or the other applications.Now-a-days whatsapp have somany attractive features.Seeing the list of the viewers of our posts is one of the important feature among them.

But if you are a user of this application,your whatsapp contacts can’t able to see your name in the viewers list of their post.So you can view all the posts in any whatsapp groups without fearing about the appearance of your name in the viewers list.So this one of the important feature of this application and this feature will protect your privacy in whatsapp.

The second outstanding feature of this application is ‘AVOIDING THE BLUE TICK’.When we send a message to our friends and if they will read it, a blue tick will appear below the message. Through this feature of whats app anyone can able to understand that you read the message or not.But this application will help you to hide the ‘blue tick’.Through this feature you can able to read all the messages that you receive without appearing the ‘blue tick’.This feature also help you to protect your privacy. hidden chat social media

You can also use this application and it’s features for many otherapplicationslike.facebook,messenger,skype,viber,instagram,twitter,s Snapchat and telegram.Simply we can say that this application is well suitable for all social media applications.

I think that this application will be a new experience to you.So i recommend you to install this application to enjoy the amazing features of this application.


We introduce a number of applications on our website. Use it only at your own risk. Neither our searchjobz.com website will be liable for any adverse events caused by this.


The app we’re going to know today is about using on our mobile phone.  The valut is about the App.  The specificity of this application is that we can lock our mobile phone gallery lock.  This app is designed so that no one can see it.  This application can be viewed in the form of the compass.  So no one can understand that this is a application that uses a gallery lock.We have discussed before about the application like this.  The app is an application similar to that app, and the app develops the difference between these two.  Before this we have discussed and viewed the application as a mobile phone diner.  But this application is designed in the form of a compass.  This application is named Compass Gallery vault is a secret vault for gallery photos and videos and music ,

Compass Gallery vault is a secret vault for gallery photos and videos and music.Now a days All people know about Gallery vault but this App is unique Front end display Compass and Behind it you can hide all your photos and videos, so No One can know you have installed Gallery Vault.You can Hide Photos and Videos and Create Secret notes in Compass Gallery Vault,New Way to Hide your files and enjoy Images and Videos inside Compass Vault .

One of the most common problems faced by installing regular applications is to keep up with the ads frequently.  The application also has the ability to lock the gallery and keep the gallery hid.  This application used to pass a password using Finger.  As given below Once you click on the link  You can download and install this application.  Once the people who use Android mobile phone go to this link download the app  It’s possible.