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Today I am going to tell you how to check iPhone Phone Mobile Phone Battery Health.Many people who use the iPhone have heard that the battery on their mobile phone is running out.If their phone’s battery had any damage.I hope this post is very useful for people with this kind of doubt.But iPhone users can check whether their phone’s battery is a problem and not have to go to the phone service center.Typically, the higher the mobile phone’s brightness, the more likely it is to run out of battery.Also, the phone’s WiFi Bluetooth and GPRS can be turned on and off without needing to run out of battery.Even after Internet data has been turned on, the battery is very high.Therefore,the phone’s internet data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and GPRS only use the call when it is needed.If turned off,your mobile phone might run out of battery if it drains quickly.Now let me tell you the way to check if your iphone battery is Problem .Open the menu on your iPhone for the first time to check if it is a battery problem.Then open the settings in the menu. Once the settings are open, you can see the option for Battery .Once …

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Hi friends.  The application we are about to use today is an application that can be used as a torch.  But this flashlight torching has a lot of features. this application name is flashlight vault .this application use to FlashLight Gallery vault is a Secret Gallery Vault. in this app front end use can see Torch but behind the Torch you can hide your gallery photos and videos. FlashLight Gallery Vault is Gallery locker and lock your secret photos and videos. Photos in our gallery using this application.  Videos can be hidden without seeing anyone.  But this application will look like a flash light torch to see.  So no one can know where the photo video in your gallery is being hidden.  This application can be used to hide and lock even by password. FlashLight gallery vault is a unique Gallery vault by its amezing features like First Screen other use can use only as a Torch but you can only know that this is a vault and you can hide your photos and videos behind it. Everybody will think that this is only Torch app but Only You know that this is a Gallery vault behind the Torch. The Best …

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We’re going to let you know that our Android mobile phone is an Internet data-controlling application.  What makes this application unique is that we can put the application on the Internet online and turn off the Internet of other applications.  Applications like Off apps like Facebook WhatsApp are going off offline when we turn off the phone’s data.  Similarly, when you turn on our mobile phone, the applications that come with the internet are automatically downloaded.In this case, the application will turn on the Internet only when we turn on the applications we love.  Once you click on the link provided below you can download this app.  This app is downloading it free.  Installing it does not lose space on your phone.  Because only a small Internet MB is needed to install it. This application will benefit many of those who work abroad.  Because we control our mobile internet data usage, we can get lots of money.  And occasionally the ads do not make it difficult to get used to this app.  Only users using an Android phone can download this application by clicking on the link given below.  If people using iPhone are connected to us as personalities, the …

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The app we use is that of everyone who uses mobile apps.  One of the main problems faced by all of us is that we are not able to chat with other nations.  That’s because we do not understand their language.  Because different countries use different types of languages.  English is the only English language used.  But many people will not be able to use English.  This is an application that is very much for those people.  .  In any language we speak in our language it is an application that uses it to change it. SnapTrans can translate English to Hindi or other languages or dialects in one step for almost any applications(Facebook,WhatsApp,Messenger etc).Using this app, you can translate any text into your native language to make reading much easier,chat with foreign language friends accessibility. This app is available in most of the world languages.  In all kinds of social chat applications, just drag the translation ball onto the bubble text, it can change the language you know, and communicate directly with foreign language friends. Go to the link below and download this application.  Then type in the matter what we want to transmit in the inbox that comes with.  Type …

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In everyday life Usage of mobile phone.It is an unmatched factor.So most people today Mobile phone of different companies are used.But there is a problem that many people have The battery’s charge is going to end quickly.Or a hospital case when it comes to or on a journey The phone is about to end the battery in compulsions. So it is important to note when we buy a mobile phone .How much is the phone’s battery life.But most people complain about my phone when they suddenly get out of the battery and I bought a good battery life. This post describes how to overcome it.In three things our phone’s battery is rapidly disappearing. The phone’s battery should have MAH more.check that first. What is MAH .The symbol “mAh”—note the capitalization—means “milliampere hour.” This is a unit of electric charge, and it’s the most common way to express the capacity of small batteries. (Bigger batteries are labeled in ampere hours; 1 Ah = 1000 mAh.) You can calculate the capacity of a battery by multiplying the discharge current by the duration of time that the battery can supply that much current. Always lessen the Brightness of LCD. Especially in the nights.It will be …

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