Hi friends.  The application we are about to use today is an application that can be used as a torch.  But this flashlight torching has a lot of features. this application name is flashlight vault .this application use to FlashLight Gallery vault is a Secret Gallery Vault. in this app front end use can see Torch but behind the Torch you can hide your gallery photos and videos. FlashLight Gallery Vault is Gallery locker and lock your secret photos and videos. Photos in our gallery using this application.  Videos can be hidden without seeing anyone.  But this application will look like a flash light torch to see.  So no one can know where the photo video in your gallery is being hidden.  This application can be used to hide and lock even by password.
FlashLight gallery vault is a unique Gallery vault by its amezing features like First Screen other use can use only as a Torch but you can only know that this is a vault and you can hide your photos and videos behind it. Everybody will think that this is only Torch app but Only You know that this is a Gallery vault behind the Torch. The Best Gallery Locker app with Secret Torch and Gallery Vault.
If you want to use this application, click on Go to Google Play.  Then download and install the application.  Only Android users can use this app for this app.  Once you have this application.  Do not forget to share with your friends.

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