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Recover Deleted Messages

Hello friends, welcome back to another tech update hope you guys fine…. today I am going to introduce a distinguished and relevant application that is ghosted hidden chat ..it is formly designed and developed for to read and reply for whatsapp messages as privacy pattern for it…to confirm it as pattern for it

Recover Deleted

This is World renowned Application which provides you a plenty of advanced features and specifications..we hope you guys will be satisfied and happy while using this application..this is formly for the privacy of your device and also for your better experience of privacy Of your WhatsApp….

It allows you to generate what you want to enable the requirement and regards of it…when it possible for it…it may consider as per the rules of it when it comes across The level of it….it also allows you to see all messages without informing your contacts that you have actually read those messages..it is the best incognito mode app for whatsapp..it also allows user to view incoming WhatsApp messages without been seen or his privacy violated with hide sequence and related

With hide blush and high level of security related to it ..you Can review and consideration of it whether it consists as per the modern requirement and benefits so…on it may be considered to developed as per the rules of it.. when it considered and developed for it for being no consisting one..that is you can simply mange it when it may consider it WhatsApp for whole team and more brilliant as per the requirement and regards

We ensure highly recommended features and specifications..we also provide fascinating security system and related events even though it will change the perspective of the application and related events as P the rules and regulations of it when it turns as they may occurred for generally speaking mentality

These are available information about above mentioned application…we hope you guys got it well. We also expect your valuable reply feedback and comments after using this application. See you soon with another tech update



Hi friends,today iam going to introduce a very interesting app for you. The app which iam going to introduce friday is a sharing app. That means by using this app you can able to share the files from your smartphone to other smartphone.

You know that the file sharing app like xender were banned in India.So many people are totally get confused and they can’t able to use the app like sender for no more.

The name of the app is “feem v4”.The main aim of this app is you can able to share files offline.This method is a very useful and essential one. Because sometimes you want to share some important files of high size to your friends. At that time if you select an online option for that it may be consume high data and it will take more time.

But instead of that if you select an offline app like this you can able to share files offline and within a short time. That’s why I recommend you this app for offline sharing option.
The working method of this app is very simple. First of all you need to install feem v4 app in the device which you want to send the files. After opening it ensure that all the devices are connected to your wifi network.
After completing connection process you can able to share files easily and fastly.

If you are searching for an offline file sharing app in the absence of xender or
if you need a new offline file sharing app which is better than the existing app in your smartphone,i recommend you to install this app in your smartphone.



We all are smartphone users.We already used different type of smartphones in our life.For that we buy it from online or offline stores.While we buying a new smartphone,there are somany things that you should take care.If you are an user of the application which iam going to introduce today you can definitely can able to choose an exact smartphone by examine it.

The name of the app is “mr.phone”.I already give you a small detail of this application.So let describe more bout the app.

Just think that you own a smartphone.One day it become damaged and you decided to buy a new smartphone and also you are really confused in two smartphones.You can’t able to finalize them.In such cases,this app will help you with the feature of comparison.

In this feature you can able to compare all the details and specs of the two selected smartphones.That means after you selecting the two smartphones which you would like to buy,all the details of it like price,ram,rom,camera,quality,design,colour e.t.c will be provided by this application.So by comparing two smartphones you can simply select your choice among them.

You can also able to search for any smartphone in this application and you will get all the details of it.
You can also able to buy product from flipkart,amazon,paytm,tatacliq,banggood,gearbest through this app.
This app also provide you tech news,events,stories e.t.c.
If you need to know more about smartphones,i recommend you to install this application in your smartphone.

Secret Chat messages

Hi guyz,today iam going to introduce Secret Chat messages application for you. The name of the application is “telegram”.We all know that telegram is a very popular application which have a lot of features.
So today I would like to give a detailed review of the application called telegram.

Secret Chat messages

You can use telegram for different purposes like chating.
That means you can able to chat with your friends through telegram like you chat with them through some social media applications like whatsapp and messenger.

But while we use these types of applications there are some limitations. That means you can’t able to send a big sized file to anyone through whatsapp or messenger. Iam definitely sure that this feature is definitely a required one. Unfortunately whatsapp and messenger like other applications didn’t have this feature.

But don’t worry.Here is the solution for the particular problem.
If you want to send a large sized file to anyone,telegram will help you for that. This is one of the best and attractive feature of telegram and that’s why majority of th people choose telegram to send large sized files like media files,documents e.t.c.

Secret Chat messages using telegram

Another attractive feature of telegram is it I’ll provide you a fast service while sendinf files.
You can also able to create groups and secret chats in telegram.Likewise,telegram have many chating assistant features like GIF and stickers.

So these ate the features of telegram. If you want to send large size file to anyone within short period of time. And enjoy a new chatimg experience with a lot of awesome features. Install this application in your smartphone. This app take your privacy seriously and will never give third parties access to your data. Built to deliver your messages in the minimum bytes possible, Telegram is the most reliable messaging system ever made. It works even on the weakest mobile connections.

click here to install this app


Save Your Photos


Easy Password Recover

Animation Video Maker

Hi guyz,today iam going to introduce a very useful application for you.Actually this is an editing application.Morethan that this application provide you many attractive and useful features.So let’s have a look to the details of this application.

Animation Video Maker
The name of the application is “1ATM”.I think you will get confused while seeing th name of this application.But don’t worry.Read this article completely to understand all the useful features of this application.
By using this application you can able to create attractive videos with the assistance of useful features.But this app is not just an video editing or maker tool.

You will really get amazed after knowing the awesome features of this application.
If you use this application for your editing purpose,you can definitely able to catch the viewers mind with the beautiful video created by you.
First of all this application provide you some sections for creating videos.They arefeatured,geometric,abstract,shape,typography,playful,retro,equisite gold,picture frame,newspaper e.t.c.
You can select any among them and it will provide you an attractive layout for your video.

The main aim of this application is help you to create animated text videos.For that this application provide you many different ratio for creating videos for instagram,facebook,twitter e.t.c
Anyway this is one of the best application for creating animated text videos.So if you are interested to make an animated video of text,i recommend you to install this application in your smartphone.



Hi guyz,you may install and use many different types of applications like editing applications e.t.c.Here is a new different type of application for you.This is not an app like the other apps that we introduced through this website.The functions and features of this application is really useful and surprising.Iam definitely sure that you may not use such type of an application before.application have a single important feature and this itself make this application as a relevant one.

The name of the application is “proximity sensor screen on or off”.
The important feature of this application is,it allows you to turn on or turn off the display using proximity server.Do you think that this is a simple feature?

This feature of this application will help you to improve the working condition of your smartphone.
If you want to keep your smartphone secure and safe,you must want to take the assistance of this application.
1)persistent service (background service)
2)Autostart on boot and after service
are some important features of this application.

You must want to root your smartphone to use this type of application.But don’t worry.You doesn’t want to root your smartphone for use this application.This is really an helpful feature of this application.
Anyway install this application in your smartphone using the below link.


Hi guyz,today iam going to introduce an outstanding application for you and it’s really attractive.We all know there are somany photo and video editing applications in plplaystore and in some other websites.Likewise,here is a new application.The name of the application is
“photo fx live wallpaper”.


You may understand the basic feature of this application when you see the name of this app.Your intention is right.This is a live wallpaper application itself.But you can’t able to consider this application as an app which provide live wallpaper feature.
While you use such type of applications you may think or you may be interested to put your photos or the photos in your gallery as your live wallpaper.But you can’t able to do it with your present applications.
Don’t worry.Here is the exact app for you.It will help you to put any photos in your smartphone as your smartphone’s live wallpaper.
Iam definitely sure that you may not hear about such an application till now.If you would like to see your photos as the live wallpaper,this application is the assistant to fulfill that dream.
This app also provide some more editing features like background colour,slideshow and slideshow interval,photo opacity,photo saturation e.t.c.There are other attractive nd useful features in this application .If you want to experience it,install this application now.