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Hi friends,today iam going to introduce a very interesting app for you. The app which iam going to introduce friday is a sharing app. That means by using this app you can able to share the files from your smartphone to other smartphone.

You know that the file sharing app like xender were banned in India.So many people are totally get confused and they can’t able to use the app like sender for no more.

The name of the app is “feem v4”.The main aim of this app is you can able to share files offline.This method is a very useful and essential one. Because sometimes you want to share some important files of high size to your friends. At that time if you select an online option for that it may be consume high data and it will take more time.

But instead of that if you select an offline app like this you can able to share files offline and within a short time. That’s why I recommend you this app for offline sharing option.
The working method of this app is very simple. First of all you need to install feem v4 app in the device which you want to send the files. After opening it ensure that all the devices are connected to your wifi network.
After completing connection process you can able to share files easily and fastly.

If you are searching for an offline file sharing app in the absence of xender or
if you need a new offline file sharing app which is better than the existing app in your smartphone,i recommend you to install this app in your smartphone.


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