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Hi guyz,today iam going to introduce an outstanding application for you and it’s really attractive.We all know there are somany photo and video editing applications in plplaystore and in some other websites.Likewise,here is a new application.The name of the application is
“photo fx live wallpaper”.


You may understand the basic feature of this application when you see the name of this app.Your intention is right.This is a live wallpaper application itself.But you can’t able to consider this application as an app which provide live wallpaper feature.
While you use such type of applications you may think or you may be interested to put your photos or the photos in your gallery as your live wallpaper.But you can’t able to do it with your present applications.
Don’t worry.Here is the exact app for you.It will help you to put any photos in your smartphone as your smartphone’s live wallpaper.
Iam definitely sure that you may not hear about such an application till now.If you would like to see your photos as the live wallpaper,this application is the assistant to fulfill that dream.
This app also provide some more editing features like background colour,slideshow and slideshow interval,photo opacity,photo saturation e.t.c.There are other attractive nd useful features in this application .If you want to experience it,install this application now.


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