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CPU-Z application

Hello everyone, welcome back to the introduction of an awesome application. It is not free that are you saying this is an awesome application. Because the features provided by this application are extra ordinary. I am definitely sure that you cannot see such an application before in your life and there is no chance to use this application by you in your smartphone before reading this article. The features provided by this application are very surprising and rare. So don’t miss it. read this article completely to understand all the details about this Android application. 

do you get any help about this application while you see the name. I think you didn’t understand nothing about the application now. But there is a hint in the name of this application about the important feature of this application.

That means this application is also act like CPU aur this application I will give you all the details like a CPU or in the CPU. Don’t understand nothing till now ? Don’t worry. I will help you by providing a complete review of this application through this article.
Information provider
While I said that this application is is information provider, that means this application will give you all the details or all the information about your smartphone.
Default feature
You may think that this is a default feature existed in each and every smartphone. But there is a big difference. That means while you find this type of informations on your smartphone using the default feature by entering the code on your dial pad aur through the settings of your smartphone you will only get some basic information and details about your smartphone.
But this application is not like that. This application will provide you A to Z informations of your smartphone. We will give you a brief about the informations that provided by this application about your smartphone.
system on chip

The first information called by this application is the system on chip. It will also contain some sub information like name, architecture, clock speed for each core.
Device informations
The second informations provided by this application is about your smartphone. In this section you can able to see all the important informations about your small phone in brief.They are given below.
ModelManufacturerBrandBoardHardwareScreen sizeScreen resolutionScreen densityTotal RAMAvailable RAMInternal storageAvailable storage
These are the device informations provided by this application about your smartphone.
the next important information provided by this application about your smartphone is The system information.
System information
This application also provide a complete system information of your smartphone in a very attractive manner. They are given below.
Android versionAPI levelSecurity patch levelBootloaderBuild IDJava VMOpenGL ESKernel architectureKernel versionRoot accessGoogle Play servicesSystem uptime
The next information of your smartphone provided by this application is about the battery. It contains all the details about your battery.
HealthLevelPower sourceStatusTechnologyTemperatureVoltage
After that you can able to see the thermal and sensor information of your smartphone.
Online validation
Online validation allow you to store the hardware specifications of your Android device in a database.When the validation become complete, you can able to open the validation URL in your browser.
An email with your validation link will be send to you if you provide your email address.

So this is all about this application. Install and use this application using the ‘ download now ‘ button appear below this post and post your feedback after use this app.
See you soon with the review of another app.


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