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Hey everybody .  An application that we are applying to you today is quite different.  Because we have put an application in front of you, there are a lot of people asking us about this application.  We lost our mobile phone  How to delete mobile phone inside data, for example photos, videos or other data.  Today we introduce you to an application that uses it. Erdoo is the application name used to delete lost mobile data.  You can download this application from the Google Play Store.  After clicking on below  Get Started Play Store button you can download the application to PlayStore. The Eradoo app is another specialty Eradoo protects your data and your privacy when your device is lost or stolen, through erasing all your phone data remotely , and without internet connection. Eradoo is a very powerful security app with unique features for privacy protection and anti-theft , and has the only goal of protecting your privacy and personal data from intruders and thieves.The only one thing worse than losing your phone is the possibility that somebody else can access your secrets and personal data, such as messages, images and videos… But don’t worry Eradoo application brings an innovative solution with a 99% guaranteeEradoo application developers are absolutely free to bring this application to you.  Clicking on “Get on Google PlayStore” button can download this application only for Android users.  You can also connect directly to us to find the application for people who use a non-Android phone.  Deliver this application to your friends once you like it.