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Today we are going to introduce you to the application to download video or audio from Facebook and YouTube.This is an application that lets you download video or audio from other websites.This application is not available on the PlayStation and you can download this application as freeware by clicking on the link below.The instube is the name of this application.Many apps like this are available in the Play Store today, but out of these it makes this app different from the download of videos from many websites.Generally, another applications can only be downloaded from YouTube or from Facebook.This app has visited this website to learn about its technical aspects.Additionally, the TV show can be downloaded using the application.  News users can download and view news.  You can download and use it right when you hear the music you like.  How can you use this application?  After clicking on the Download button below, you can download the APK file.  You can then install it on your mobile phone.Also, Instute App Security verified application.You can only lose a lot of space to install this app from your mobile phone.  Likewise, there is little Internet access to download this app.  Similarly, you do not need any kind of registration to download this application.This application can only be accessed by people who use Android phones.  If you do not have a Android mobile phone then you will be contacting us about the other application