mobile phone.photo .video.Contact.hide application   We have already been introduced to this website about the application that can be hid.  Today we are going to introduce another app.  Once you click on the link provided below, you can download this application by going to the Play Store.  After installing this application, you will see a drowned look.  So people who see this application will think that they are dealer pad on our mobile phone. this application name is Dialer + Calc Vault – Hide Photo, Video & Contact  ,

Have you ever been caught hiding your private photos and files ?
Here is an app that you can use to hide your private Photos, Videos, Files and Contacts without anyone knowing that you are using any kind of vault app.
“Dialer + Calc Vault – Hide Photo, Video & Contact” hides pictures from any unauthorized person and secures them in the app that will be called Dialer. You no longer have to dread letting anyone go through your photo gallery on your Android smart phone or tablet as you can easily use this photo locker to lock all these private images, videos, audios or any type of file that you want. These encrypted images or videos can only be viewed and accessed via this app using the passcode and no one can open it without the passcode that you will set once you install this dialer locker. Also contains Calculator Vault Theme with in the app for who wants to use both vaults at one place. 
Easy to switch from dialer vault to calculator (Simply press dialer vault / calculator vault button to apply theme). 

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