The application we are going to know today is an application that can be backed up and stored on our phone.  This means it’s an application you can use to restore all old data data to a new phone when we format our phone or purchase a new phone.  The same is a restore application that retrieves the old data which is our essential component when it comes to formatting the phone in the form of a new phone.  All we have to do is to go to the link below and download and install this application.Then open up the install application.  Open the backup .Restore.  You can find a number of options like Delete Backup.  Click the Backup All option.  After you wait for some time to go to File Manager and check the phone memory, this application will be viewed by the folder.  From that folder we can copy and paste into the wrapped file memory.  Then any phone that you want to restore our data on the phone is to deposit our memory card.Then install the same application on the newly used phone.  Then open the application.  Click on the third option on the Restore option.  Then back up our installed memory card and select the data.  Wait till you press Ok button.Now if you check your new phone you will see that all the data on the old phone is registered to the new phone.  Another unique feature is that anyone can use this restore application.If you intend to format your phone using this application, do not forget to copy and paste this application back app file into your file memory card.  Because you will be backed up using this application and your file will be saved in the phone’s memory.  So when you format it, that data can become delete.  Therefore, the file must be connected to the memory card.

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