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Hello friends,
Do you get problems like blur while scanning something? Do you receive complaints after you send it? Today i have come to introduce you to an app that does not have such problems. Its name is vFlat scan-pdf scanner, ocr.

Some times ago we were using some other apps. But a lot problems started coming. Thats were vFlat becomes the hero.

This is good app for pdf scanning and free text recognition.this is app for making images taken by mobile phones such as pdf documents, and notes into high quality pdf or jpg images.

Features of vflat:

-this app recognize and crop the borders automatically. So we can use anytime with no fear.you can get high quality clean scans from any angle.
you can change the scanned image into text. So you can copy that and share with your friends
You can search by keywords and find the relevant docume ts quickly
-you can export the scanned image to pdf file.you can sort the page order,you can choose pdf quality and adjust the colors
-this app corrects the curved places while we holding the book and erase your finger.

In the time of two page scanning, you will get left and right differently at the same time.
VFlat does not collect our datas, VFlat need only two grand permissions :
1)camera permission to scan books
2)storage permission to store scanned pages in your phone
Vflat works on devices that support Android version 6.0 or higher, and above 2 gb ram devices, open GL ES 3.1 or higher
So from these features we understand that this is a amazing application. If you like this application please download it. The link is given below
So thank you all



Hello friends,
In current times we use phones well those who do not use phones are very few.
So out times wasted on that by several apps. Do you organize your digital life?
Today we introducing to such an app. “Ratio- the productivity launcher “the realisation of this app is a new home screen. 3 views, 0 distractions.

This app helps you to control your phone, this is a minimalist productivity launcher. This means you can view your important apps in a single display. You can optimize your digital time with amazing minimalist design . you can organize your apps easily.
This app ensures you a super messaging app this means you can see your all messages like watsapp, telegram etc in a single screen. This is wonderful feature of this application.

New features in ratio app 5.0 are massively improved battery and ram consumption.
The makers of this application they improve exactly what people think and they change each versions with amazing changes. So we can trust this app completely
New features of this applications are app drawer and dock. Which means you can pin your important applications to the dock for quick access. So you can use applications without time wasting.
As we know we can see all messages in one screen you you can see all messages by one tap.

The amazing things are application’s themes.
-dark mode :this app controll both contrast and perfomance
-light mode :this theme is new added.you can match time of day with this light theme
-focus mode :this theme replaces all solid colors for thin lines and saves battery with a more uniform UI battery.

-sun mode :creation of this theme means gives you best contrast in bright time and the sun light.
This app ensures you your protection and safety so no third party apps are running behind this.and you can decide what permission to give so full control is in your hand.this works with a simple UI. And use state – of-the-art assymetric 256 bit-RSA based dual encryption to protect your data.

So totally we can save 1 hour in a day probably. 30 hours in one month. This is not a small thing. So if you want this application please click the link which given below. So thank you all



Hello freinds,
Do you want to edit the video? Do you find it difficult to cut videos? We may be bothered by a lot of video stuff like this. But today we are going to fix it by a super application. Its name is 4k video editor.
It is a amazing application we can get in play store to edit a video. We can rotate, or crop or trim a video, and we can add more videos together this feature is also available in photos so we can add a lot of photos together,only one colour and all others can be coloured, at the same time we can gave cartoon effect while others are free from effects.

The main point is these all things will take place by few taps. You can make instagram stories as square, wide for youtube even portrait.
This app is free from ads and watermarks. This editor has no limit on export size, length,or quality. No need for network so work offline.
This application hasn’t need to big storage space. Just 3 and some mbs.

Specials of this application:

-export high quality movies or other big videos at resolutions up to 4k
-apply different effects or colour filters. So we make that video beautiful
-video joiner: we can add several videos or photos together

  • video compresser : we can reduce occupied space by down scaler or lower bitrate
  • video converter : we can change video resolution, crop the videos
    -make videos by photos with music items, not only that we can create pan and zoom affect
    -rotate videos or photos, we can add background music
    -color pop, color burst, color splash,not saturated all colors expect one
    -fake camera movement
  • we can add text with different fonts
    -draw on top of our your frames
    So dears, if we read all this featurs, we will be 100 % satisfied by this application
    Not only that if we use this application our videos will be perfect condition.so you should all try this. If you want this application’s link please click the link given below
    So thank you all


Enable Assistive Touch

Hello. What’s up. Hope you are well. Today iam going to introduce a very useful app. We already introduced many different types of android apps through this website. Likewise this app is also a very useful one for each and every android users. The features of this app will help you in many critical situations. So install this app immediately after read this article completely. We can’t expect when this app is needed.

Assistive Touch

This is the name of this app. But there are two more features hide in this name. You will understand it when you complete reading this article.Assistive Touch means a feature which will help you to bring the features of external button and touch buttons into another touch.I think you didn’t get it. Noworries.Simply I can say that you can able to replace the hardkeys in your smartphone with this app.

We are familiar with the floating assistive touch feature in iOS. This feature is also like that. I think you got it.
Screen Recording And Video Recording
This is the above mentioned hidden features in the name of this app. By using this app you ca able to record videos if there is any issues in the smartphone.
If your smartphone didn’t have default screen recording feature it is also available in this app. Likewise many other features are also available in this app like screenshot, notification, favourites, flashlight e.t.c.

Now you may understand that when and how this app became an useful one. So try this app and share your feedback.See soon you soon with another tech update.



Hello friends ,
Do you want to see your notifications, weather, sms in your display without opening your phone? Do you want to see that things without a touch on display?

Today one such application we are familiar today, before the beginning i assure you this is a amazing application, because sometimes we cant use phones when we are at work, these times this app is very useful for us. This application’s name is “AOA-ALWAYS ON DISPLAY”.

This application’s main feature is always on display with lighting on edge. And we can see our notifications, sms, weather,stickers,on display.
Always on Amoled(AOA) is always on your display and provides you notifications with edge lighting, music control, weather of your current place without a touch on your phone.
Our app will keep you from ads so we can easily use that
And designed to use 0% cpu, and low system resources so you can see your important things on your display.
Other main features:

  • you can see your celendar with your added events
    -suitable with all screens such as amoled, oled,icd
    -you can reply to your message
    -edge lighting with various colours
    -battery usage status
    -sketch pad to note your things or draw on the go
    -default,one UI,stickers themes are available
    -you will get curved edge option to you square displays
    -multiple screen direction
    -shortcuts for celendar, flash light,calculater, camera. So you can easily use it
    -memo option with sticky notes
  • you will get pocket mode option
    -you can controll your brightness level with this app
    -hd backgrounds
    -flaoting notifications with badges and count it
  • interactive notification with action button if you want to dismiss swipe to left , if you want to hide swipe right
    -we can set the settings such as set colours, set icons, set fonts and text size with your desire
    -time rules for custom start or end times
    Many clocks are available like analog, digital etc
    So tatally we can controll our phone without a touch our phones, so we can work everything with no fears. Important things are right to infront of us at appropriate time.
    So we must install thia application the link of this application is given below so thanks all



Hello friends,

Do you want to hide your lovers or others phone number from your contact list of phone, because in our real life or real life there will be some phone numbers that others do not want to see. That will be our wifes number or others numbers.

If we work in an office, co workers are more likely to use our phones, if we learn in a college, colleagues are more likely to use our phones. There is a possibility of a lot of mistakes coming through that. Because we cant tell what kind of people are using it.
So today we are going to talk about a solution of that problem. That name is “HIDE PHONE NUMBER CONTACTS”. this is a good application to get in the play store. This apps main result is protect our numbers with pin security. So no one can take it without our knowledge. This is a big advantage of this app.

How the apps work?

-open the app and create 4digit password
-then click the” contacts”
-then select the contacts which you want to hide it
We can hide one or more contacts
-then click on secure button to hide the contacts
-we can call from secured section of the app
-after reopening the app, we can see that contacts will get only after giving the password. So anyone cannot to take that contacts
-there is a clear button, if we click that the call logs will be clear.
-another special feature is we can add new contacts from the application (secured section).so the newly added contacts will be hide.

So dears, this application has amazing perfomance. This app is very useful for business men, teachers, teenagers, office workers etc. This means almost people whose using the mobile phones are very useful by this application.
So if you want this application please click the link which given below. So thank you dear


Multi-action Home Button

Dear freinds,
Is the home button of your phone broken?by falling phone to ground or water,It will be very difficult for more people to come like this, some will pay a lot money to repair it. But there is no need for any more because a super application has arrived in play store named multi-action home button.

This is a good useful and helpful application to for those who have home button damage. This is very useful not only for them but also for those who are not damaged their home button.
We may be wondering how this can happen? But its process is very simple, this app make a software button on our center button, and this app get the power of a lot of actions.

It has several features: this app can be used such as home button, recent apps button, back and for settings. It can to start a selected app also.
This app has a pro version, pro version includes amazing features like start power menu, to take screenshots, to lock the screen, and to take display quick settings. Pro version has more powerful features like to place on the right or left side of our phone screen.

This app takes accessibility services to begin ations like pull down notification bar, open power menu, to take quick settings etc. Because the real result of all this people can use this actioss with one hand, but without this application we cannot use it as one hand like pull down notifications, this application takes accessibility only for these actions.

Totally guys, this application get eligilble for using a lot of things with only this application. This powers are not only in the reviews but also in app using. If we use the app we will understand that.
Guys, if you want to install that please click the link below, see you again