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How Make Stickers by using Bobble Keyboard

Hello guys, today iam here to introduce a very useful app for you. Like I said before this android app is really an useful one for all smartphone users. Every smartphone users must want to install this app. Because this app provide a very important and useful feature for all smartphone users. So after read this article iam definitely sure that you will install this app.

Make Sticker emoji

Bobble AI keyboard

This is the name of this app. Now you may understand that keyboard apps or feature is very essential for all smartphones. There is already an inbuilt keyboard in every smartphones. But there will be many limitations in such apps. Because it can’t provide many features. It only provide a limited features. If you want to use external awesome features you must want to install an app. So this is the app which provide many useful and awesome features.

Sticker keyboard

This app provide a very useful feature and it’s called sticker keyboard. You can able to use many different types of stickers. This app also provide personalised cartoon bobble head feature.

Other features

This keyboard app also provide attractive emojis. You can use it while you chat with your friends through social media apps like whatsapp.
You can also use glide typing in this app. This means you just want to slide on letters to type fastly.

If you type any word incorrectly this keyboard will help you to correct it very easily.
Some others features of this app are given below.

Voice typing
Cool fonts
Keyboard photo themes

This indic keyboard application is an Indian app. So it provide almost all regional languages in India. So you can select your regional language.

So that’s all about this app. Try this app and share your feedback.

See you soon


Rotation Control Apk

Hlo subscribers, welcome back to another update. We know that the tech world is getting updated daily. Many things that we expect didn’t get released are now trending. There are many such things. Today this app and it’s features are also related to this phenomenon. So read this article completely to understand each and everything about this application.

The name of this app is rotation control. Now you may understand something about the e feature. Like you think that this app is related to the rotation feature in all our smartphones. But this app make the rotation feature as a special one by link some awesome features with it. I will give you a brief about it.

We all know that screen rotation is an inbuilt feature in all smartphones. Actually there are two types of screen rotations. They are given below

1) Automatic screen rotation
2) Manual screen rotation

I think you know about the both. So let’s leave it. Coming to our topic.

This app will be useful in many situations in your daily life. For example of your smartphone’s screen get cracked and the touch isn’t working, what will you do ? If you face this situation you can’t able to use your smartphone comfortably. Sometimes you can’t able to make even a call in this situation.

But this app will help you in this situation. That means you may think that in particular situations you can able to use the touch feature if the smartphone tilt or rotate in reverse.

You can enable this feature using this app. You can able to rotate your smartphone to any side using this app. Normally all smartphones allow to rotate only to two sides. But this app allow you to rotate your smartphone to four sides very easily.

If this app is already in your smartphone and you face the situation that mentioned above you can easily able to manage it. So install this app to avoid an issue and use your smartphone in such tough situation.

So that’s all about this app. Install and try the app. Share your feedback after use this app.

See you soon.


save links in notifications

Hi guys, here is another useful app for you. Try this app atleast for a single time after understand each and every details of this application. Iam definitely sure that you will really install this app when you know more about this app and it’s features. So read this article completely to understand everything about this app.

Notifications in your smartphone

Are you a little bit confused when you see this sub heading. Don’t worry. I will explain you. While we use our smartphone we mant recieve different types of notifications from the apps in your smartphone and also from different websites that we subscribed. But when the notification get loaded more we may clear them all. It may also contain youtube videos notification and many other important notifications. So once we clear them all it is little bit risk to recover them.

But this app will help you. You can able to recover the links in the notification received to your smartphone with the help of this app.

Actually it’s very simple. First of all install this app from the ‘ download now ‘ button appear below this post. Then provide necessary permissions to start collecting the links in notifications by this app. Many people are searching for such an app. Because like I mentioned above identifying the needful notification from many notifications is a little bit task. So if you want to collect and separate the links notification this app will assist you for that. That means this app will collect them all.

This android app is a very light weight app. So anyone who have a low internal storage in their smartphone can also able to install this app in their smartphone.

So try this app now and experience the feature provided by this app. Iam sure. You will really like it. Because the interface of this app is really simple and attractive.

If you didn’t know how to use this app you can understand it from the tutorial video provided in this app. You can also able to enjoy the us features of this app by install notica plus app.

So that’s all about this app. Try this app and share your feedback.


Keep Me Out Android phone

Keep me out is a very relevant application which every single android user want to install in their smartphone. Actually the features of this app are are really awesome.
Iam definitely sure that you may not see or use such an apo before. The feature of this app is really surprising. So if you want to know more details of this app read this article completely.

Lock your smartphone

Lock the smartphone is tbe feature provided by this app. This feature will help you to control smartphone use or it will help you to set a limit to your daily smartphone use.

We all know using smartphone for a long time continuously is not a good thing. It will affect your brain and daily activities. It will also affect your life badly. So we must want to control smartphone use. But the reality is anyone can’t able to do it.

So if you want to control smartphone use this app will help you. I will tell you how.

First of all install this app from the ‘ download now ‘ button below this post. Then open the app and provide necessary permissions. After than you can able to set a time which your smartphone want to lock automatically. If you set a time for it your smartphone will get locked automatically when the particular time will reach. This lock will only expire when the duration provided by you become expired.

Parents can use this app to control the smartphone use if their children. Not only students but also everyone can able to use this app to control smartphone use.

So that’s all about this application. See you again.


Poco launcher apk download

Hi everyone, today we are going to introduce a very special application for you. If you are an android smartphone user this app is a very useful one to you. Because the features of this app is really awesome and useful bone and it will attract you to install this app in your smartphone. this app name poco launcher

what is the Poco launcher

Poco launcher

You may well familiar with this app. If not don’t worry. I will give you a brief about this app with each and every details.
You know that there are many different types of launcher applications. But many of them have some problems. That means if you use any such app your device may get hang and slow down.

But this app is not like that. This app have all the features that a launcher app need. This app is build by Xiaomi inc.
If you install and use this app it will provide high performance to your smartphone.

You know that normally the size of many launchers apps are very big. But poco launcher is not like that. this app is a light weight app with bulk of awesome features.

Key features

Minimalist design, personalisation, convenient search, manage apps, privacy, fast and smooth e.t.c

about this application

This app provide a better and user friendly design. There is no many option which will interrupt you.
This app also provide personalised features. Which means you can adjust the size and home screen icons and screen layout very easily from poco launcher.
App suggestions, category of icon colours are also available in this app

You can also able to hide app icon using poco launcher app. That’s all about poco launcher application. Try this application. I am sure that you will definitely like the features of this application. Leave your feedback after install this application in your smartphone.

click here to install this app

Top 2021 Ringtone Application

We all Amare smartphone users. You know that we provide the details of useful apps through this website. But this app is basically related to the normal mobile phones. It’s just for a fun. Leave it. Anyway let’s talk about today’s app.

TOP 2021 Ringtone

This is the name of this app. You may understand from the name of this app that this app is related to ringtones. Yes you are absolutely right. This android app provide many different types of ringtones for you.
You may install and use many different types of such apps before. But this app is not like that. Some extra features in this app make it as a special one. So for understanding all such things of this app bread this article completely.

You need an internet connection to use this application. When you open this app you can able to see there many options. First of all there is some important ringtones in the home section. There are you can also able to see some sections. They are given below

Alarm clock
Sound effects
Top us

You can select your favourite section among this to get the best suitable ringtone for you. In all these sections there are many ringtones. So select the sections that provide your favourite ringtones.

The next section is popular. Here you can find most popular songs and music ringtones. The sections in the category is same as the more sections that we mentioned on first time.

In the favourite section you can able to see the ringtones that you added to the favourite list. If you select your favourite songs and musics as ringtone and add hearts or like to it it will automatically appear in the favourite section.

The last section is downloads. Here you can see all the ringtones that you downloaded.

This app also provide some features which is normally see in the settings of a smartphone.
They are given below.

Set alarm
Set contact ringtone
Set notification
Default ringtone

So these are the features of this application. This app is a complete ringtone solution. So try this app now and share your feedback with us.


App Lock Fingerprint Password

Hello guys, are you a smartphone user ? Actually this is a stupid question. Because there is no need to ask someone who read this article that did he own a smartphone. Anyway let’s talk about latest tech update through the introduction of a very useful app. You must want to install this app in your smartphone to provide high security to your smartphone.

Why did you want to secure your smartphone

Because majority people keep confidential and personal datas in their smartphone. It will be a great problem if anyone intrude into it. So the smartphone user want to enable some features to make their smartphone safe.

What is Applock apps

Actually applocks apps are used to set lock for the apps in a smartphone. Locking apps is not lony the feature in applock apps. You can able to provide different types of locks for all the apps, different types of features in your smartphone.
This app is also like that. This app also provide Four different types of locks. They are given below.
PasswordFingerprintPatternLock screenLock gallery
So you can able to set locks to your apps by using any one among this using the Applock security app. It’s not the end. There is also some other important features.
Protect and lock apps
This is the same feature that we mentioned above. You can able to set lock for all apps in your smartphone. But there are two other useful features in this section. They are
Lock contactLock message
This one will help you to keep privacy for the your communication with others through your smartphone.
Hidden media files
This feature will help you to create private archieve in your smartphone. You can also use this feature to hide the confidential things in your smartphone like
PhotosVideosAudiosImportant files
Notification protection
You can use this feature to hide app notifications and text messages in your smartphone. If you apply this feature anyone who open your smartphone without unlock can’t able to see the notification from the apps in your smartphone and the message notifications.

Fake app icon and lok screen
This feature will help you to bring some fake things on your smartphone which is exactly like original. This will misunderstand the people who see it and they may believe that it is original.
For example you can able to set you smartphone’s screen like
No internetForce stopCrash screenCalling screenAny picture on the screen
You can also able to change the icon of this app icon to clock, settings, calculator, calendar, music e.t.c. This will prevent others from recognise this app.
Password manager and intruder detection are the other two features provided by this app.
So that’s all about this application. Try this app and it’s features. Share your feedback and keep waiting for next update.