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Keep Me Out Android phone

Keep me out is a very relevant application which every single android user want to install in their smartphone. Actually the features of this app are are really awesome.
Iam definitely sure that you may not see or use such an apo before. The feature of this app is really surprising. So if you want to know more details of this app read this article completely.

Lock your smartphone

Lock the smartphone is tbe feature provided by this app. This feature will help you to control smartphone use or it will help you to set a limit to your daily smartphone use.

We all know using smartphone for a long time continuously is not a good thing. It will affect your brain and daily activities. It will also affect your life badly. So we must want to control smartphone use. But the reality is anyone can’t able to do it.

So if you want to control smartphone use this app will help you. I will tell you how.

First of all install this app from the ‘ download now ‘ button below this post. Then open the app and provide necessary permissions. After than you can able to set a time which your smartphone want to lock automatically. If you set a time for it your smartphone will get locked automatically when the particular time will reach. This lock will only expire when the duration provided by you become expired.

Parents can use this app to control the smartphone use if their children. Not only students but also everyone can able to use this app to control smartphone use.

So that’s all about this application. See you again.


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