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Rotation Control Apk

Hlo subscribers, welcome back to another update. We know that the tech world is getting updated daily. Many things that we expect didn’t get released are now trending. There are many such things. Today this app and it’s features are also related to this phenomenon. So read this article completely to understand each and everything about this application.

The name of this app is rotation control. Now you may understand something about the e feature. Like you think that this app is related to the rotation feature in all our smartphones. But this app make the rotation feature as a special one by link some awesome features with it. I will give you a brief about it.

We all know that screen rotation is an inbuilt feature in all smartphones. Actually there are two types of screen rotations. They are given below

1) Automatic screen rotation
2) Manual screen rotation

I think you know about the both. So let’s leave it. Coming to our topic.

This app will be useful in many situations in your daily life. For example of your smartphone’s screen get cracked and the touch isn’t working, what will you do ? If you face this situation you can’t able to use your smartphone comfortably. Sometimes you can’t able to make even a call in this situation.

But this app will help you in this situation. That means you may think that in particular situations you can able to use the touch feature if the smartphone tilt or rotate in reverse.

You can enable this feature using this app. You can able to rotate your smartphone to any side using this app. Normally all smartphones allow to rotate only to two sides. But this app allow you to rotate your smartphone to four sides very easily.

If this app is already in your smartphone and you face the situation that mentioned above you can easily able to manage it. So install this app to avoid an issue and use your smartphone in such tough situation.

So that’s all about this app. Install and try the app. Share your feedback after use this app.

See you soon.


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