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App Lock Fingerprint Password

Hello guys, are you a smartphone user ? Actually this is a stupid question. Because there is no need to ask someone who read this article that did he own a smartphone. Anyway let’s talk about latest tech update through the introduction of a very useful app. You must want to install this app in your smartphone to provide high security to your smartphone.

Why did you want to secure your smartphone

Because majority people keep confidential and personal datas in their smartphone. It will be a great problem if anyone intrude into it. So the smartphone user want to enable some features to make their smartphone safe.

What is Applock apps

Actually applocks apps are used to set lock for the apps in a smartphone. Locking apps is not lony the feature in applock apps. You can able to provide different types of locks for all the apps, different types of features in your smartphone.
This app is also like that. This app also provide Four different types of locks. They are given below.
PasswordFingerprintPatternLock screenLock gallery
So you can able to set locks to your apps by using any one among this using the Applock security app. It’s not the end. There is also some other important features.
Protect and lock apps
This is the same feature that we mentioned above. You can able to set lock for all apps in your smartphone. But there are two other useful features in this section. They are
Lock contactLock message
This one will help you to keep privacy for the your communication with others through your smartphone.
Hidden media files
This feature will help you to create private archieve in your smartphone. You can also use this feature to hide the confidential things in your smartphone like
PhotosVideosAudiosImportant files
Notification protection
You can use this feature to hide app notifications and text messages in your smartphone. If you apply this feature anyone who open your smartphone without unlock can’t able to see the notification from the apps in your smartphone and the message notifications.

Fake app icon and lok screen
This feature will help you to bring some fake things on your smartphone which is exactly like original. This will misunderstand the people who see it and they may believe that it is original.
For example you can able to set you smartphone’s screen like
No internetForce stopCrash screenCalling screenAny picture on the screen
You can also able to change the icon of this app icon to clock, settings, calculator, calendar, music e.t.c. This will prevent others from recognise this app.
Password manager and intruder detection are the other two features provided by this app.
So that’s all about this application. Try this app and it’s features. Share your feedback and keep waiting for next update.


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