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Hello guys, we hope you are fine….stay safe and be happy… today I am going to introduce a distinguished and relevant application that “SHUT UP”..it is formly designed for to silence your phone at any time with just a tap..

Here,this application provides a plenty off specifications and advanced features for you better taste…it will be awesome for you….as per your request to introduce a distinguished application..you never see such application before…you will be satisfied by using this application

This application helps you to silence your phone at any time with just a quick tap… just enough a tap for silence…… you can simply create a short cut on your home page…then if you intend to silence your phone you can simply do tapping on it..then your phone will be silence within microseconds

While you are engaged with entertainment or music….then if emerge any problem or any nuisance for others then you can simply tap on home page to silence your phone…..it will advanced feature for you….no one can to destroy your enjoyment and entertainment….all are in front of you..

This application makes you in a silence life….if you getting bothered then you can simply tap then you can change your bothering by using this application…..
You mind will be in advanced level and you can enjoy your smartphone life with confidence and comfortable…

These are the distinguished and relevant informations about the mentioned application… you got it well… well hope your valuable feedback, comments and suggestions after using this application….see you soon with another tech update…by



Hello friends,hope you all fine ….stay safe.. once again welcome back to another tech update…. today I am going to introduce a distinguished and relevant application that is Historical calendar today in history & quiz..it is formly designed for know the historical events time to time chronically… especially today’s..

This application provides you a lot of features and benefits for you….it helps you to find out and know more about history and what happened today….
It contains all information and details of historical events very cleary…you never miss any historical incidents….you will enjoy the historical timeline by using this application

Historical calendar allows you to remember your birthday and other special days….you Can reminder it for celebrating your birthday and related events…
History time line for each day with illustrated events and liknks to related articles…also it gives you an opportunity to filter based on historical periods and search for specific or places….

The main attractive feature is quiz….it provides you a systematic quiz system. You can simply test your historical knowledge with history questions generated especially for you…….it will enhance your knowledge power energy about history by using this application

Also it provides homes teen widget….you can simply can to quick reaction of the historical facts of the day…by using this widget…..also it delats with 50 languages.. it has also provides premium features which Will enhance your confidence in history quiz and you will be satisfied with historical events by using this application

These are the distinguished and relevant application… hope you all understood all the benefits and specifications……we hope your valuable feedback, comments and suggestions after using this application……see you soon with another tech update….



Hello friends, hope you all fine in home..stay home, stay safe… today I am going to introduce you a distinguished and relevant application that is”Bamowi _ battery temperature alert”..it is formly designed for monitoring temperature and also for alerting you on too High or too low battery temperature…

This application provides you a plenty of advanced features… Absolutely your device’s battery will be safe and secure.. there is no more worries about your phone…it will prevent your phone’s battery from overheating or Freezing by getting a notification….to your phone ….you will be informed when your battery is down then you will be satisfied…..

Specifications and advanced features
*You will be received notifications either your battery is too high or too low temperature situation…

  • You can use the app widget to see the current health status
  • You can monitor battery level, temperature and voltage…by using this application
    *You will be notified the lowest and highest reached values of temperature and voltage with a special tool
  • It provides the facility to know the last charging, duration and speed..

It is available for choosing between degree Fahrenheit and Celsius…it is the main attractive feature which you can enjoy the utmost Level of happiness…
Also you will be satisfied
When charging statstics…when you know the statstics then you can manage your smartphone and battery backup

Dear ones, we never mean optimising battery consumption…it not our purpose…. nevertheless…. There are plenty of apps for that.. nevertheless… this app’s consumption is too low…. this will be good look for your battery backup…
Your battery will be engaged with positive attitude and relevant formations…

These are the relevant informations and advantages of our new app…. hope you guys understood it well..we extremely expect your valuable feedback, comments and suggestions after using this application……
See you soon with another tech update…..by



Hello, friends, welcome back to another tech update…. today we are going to introduce a distinguished and relevant application that is’ CANVA ,easy graphic design collage&logo maker…it is formly designed for creating and editing pgotos, videos and etc in advanced level.you can create stunning and fascinating creations by using this application

CANVA is an incredible application for editing….also it is a versatile graphic design application….photo editor, video logo maker, poster maker and video editing…. dear guys..it is not only for photo and video editing..but also
It is very useful for poster making and logos making…

Your can also create Instagram stories… highlight cover….by using this application…it also provides to make banners for social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp,Twitter…..even more so easy to make birthday invitations Orr wedding invites……..the main attractive of this application is it is available on your smartphone and computer so you can jumb back into design anytime, anywhere…

Using guide
Start your editing journey with us in a blank canvas… you can available upto60000 templates which were made by our designers…it will be so useful for you and you can save your time in designing…
Then add photos or videos to Canva…then you can see the miracle of editing….
You have to use the perfect images while you are editing
Then edit it in your own style…..in your own ideas….then see the miracle on your editing by the help of our application….
After that you can share it to your favourites

It also offers a variety I. Collage making experience…….if you are trying to make collage the main Canva is the best choice for you….
You can make it in easy way…. you never feel any worries by using this application…… your mind will be satisfied and enhance your confidence in editing field……
You can also do the best Instagram quotes,Facebook post and related to social medias……at anytime at any where by using this application…

These are the relevant informations and advantages of Canva editing application.hope you guys understood it well…….we expect your valuable feedback comments and suggestions after using this relevant application…..
See you soon with another tech update….by…..



Last time we introduced a background removal app. Now iam going to introduce qn app for you which will help you to make the background of your photos attractive one.The name of this app is Line camera.

You may not understand about the features of this app now. But don’t worry. I will give you a detailed review of this app. By using this app you can able to make your photos fun and attractive.
This app contain everything that you need to make your photos as an attractive one.This app have a great camera. So you can able to capture your photos with this camera. The line camera have many features. It will help you to capture quality photos for edit and make it as an wonderful photo.

Line app also provide you many editing tools. They are given below.
1) Crop2) Filters3) Brightness, exposure like features4) Borders5) Stickers6) Paint7) Skin tone
You can able to use all these features while edit your photos. It will make your photos an attractive one if you use all of them correctly. 
How to select images
You have two different ways to select images for editing.
1) Capture image with Line camera2) Select image from your gallery
You can also able to make a collage with this app. While you make a collage you can able to select the collage design. You can able to include photos in collage as per the design. If you select two photo collage then you can only able to make a collage with two photos.
In this feature you can able to do painting. For that this app provide you many different types of canvases. After selecting canvas you can able to start painting by select design. You can use various tools while painting.
If you want more attractive elements in your photo you can able to buy it from this app itself.
So that’s all about this app. Start exit your photos now. See you soon.


Remove Photo baground

Today I have a very useful app which is well familiar for all of us. This app is . The ne of this app is remove.bg. I think.you all are well familiar with the remove.bg website. This website and app are more useful to editors, youtubers and of course to us.

While we compare remove.bg with other background removal apps and websites this app have many special features. This app will work perfectly on your photos.
There are many different types of background removal apps and websites. They are may be automatic or manual removal. Both are useful according to the situations. But more useful one is automatic background removal.

In the case of automatic background removal apps and websites it should be perfect. The background should be removed sharply when we use automatic background removal apps and websites.

This app is also like that. This app will automatically remove the background of any photos within seconds. All the photos that you upload to this app will automatically removed. So you must want to download the image before 60 minutes. So from this you can also trust this website while you upload images to remove background.
Why this app ? 
Manual background removal is very difficult when we compare it with automatic background removal. Because it will consume more time and there is also a chance for some errors while remove background manually.
But remove.bg app will provide you a very neat and clean backgroundless images while you upload a photo to remove background.It is really a simple task. I will tell you how to do it. Please follow below steps to remove background of any photos perfectly.

Step 1 :- Open the appStep 2 :- Click on ‘ upload image ‘ Step 3 :- Select the imageStep 4 :- Uploading will processingStep 5 :- Click on ‘ download or ‘ download hd ‘ according to your need.
So that’s it. This is all about this app. Try this app and share your feedback about the user experience. See you tomorrow with another one


price history for Amazon

Dear friends,hope you all fine. Welcome back to another tech update…. today,I am going to introduce a glorious, advanced level application that is ” price history for Amazon, flipkart, Myntra& more..it is designed for getting all online Apps in one frame

This application helps you to know more about price charts, price drops…and price tracker…..the main advantage is you can enjoy and access all shopping apps in one frame… that is why it is known as all in one app..

It also provides the information about price history … through this you can choose what you want and best quality products…it allows you to check historic price of products From latest online shopping Apps such Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra,paytmmall,TataCLiQ,AJIO,koovs& many more stores for free
It will helps you to enhance your shopping experience by online… because the prices for most of the products on shopping sites change every day…we can show the prices variations of products in site… you can simply search and choose the products for affordable price….also the main highlight is the price history tells you the best price to buy a product

Features and specifications

  • Price tracker for multiple stores
  • You will know one year historic prices by checking the historical prices
  • You can set alert for Price drop and price hike
  • Also you can set alert for stock notifications
  • We provide you the latest price of products and we will arrange the best time and best price to buy a product..
  • You have the option to like products for quick access
    *You can share the details and price related to your friends and family

By using this application you will enjoy the utmost level..of happiness In online shopping…. the price variation is the proper factor in online shopping field….we try our best to get the best price and best quality products…… There are a lot of online shopping sites…..if we search all them separately we never know the price variations….but if we get all apps and sites in one frame the we will know the price variations and we can buy the best quality products from online…

These are the distinguished and relevant informations and specifications of above mentioned application… you guys got it well…we hope also you understood well…..we extremely expect your valuable feedback,comments and suggestions after using this application….
See you soon with another tech update…