Hello friends,hope you all fine ….stay safe.. once again welcome back to another tech update…. today I am going to introduce a distinguished and relevant application that is Historical calendar today in history & quiz..it is formly designed for know the historical events time to time chronically… especially today’s..

This application provides you a lot of features and benefits for you….it helps you to find out and know more about history and what happened today….
It contains all information and details of historical events very cleary…you never miss any historical incidents….you will enjoy the historical timeline by using this application

Historical calendar allows you to remember your birthday and other special days….you Can reminder it for celebrating your birthday and related events…
History time line for each day with illustrated events and liknks to related articles…also it gives you an opportunity to filter based on historical periods and search for specific or places….

The main attractive feature is quiz….it provides you a systematic quiz system. You can simply test your historical knowledge with history questions generated especially for you…….it will enhance your knowledge power energy about history by using this application

Also it provides homes teen widget….you can simply can to quick reaction of the historical facts of the day…by using this widget…..also it delats with 50 languages.. it has also provides premium features which Will enhance your confidence in history quiz and you will be satisfied with historical events by using this application

These are the distinguished and relevant application… hope you all understood all the benefits and specifications……we hope your valuable feedback, comments and suggestions after using this application……see you soon with another tech update….


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