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Multi-action Home Button

Dear freinds,
Is the home button of your phone broken?by falling phone to ground or water,It will be very difficult for more people to come like this, some will pay a lot money to repair it. But there is no need for any more because a super application has arrived in play store named multi-action home button.

This is a good useful and helpful application to for those who have home button damage. This is very useful not only for them but also for those who are not damaged their home button.
We may be wondering how this can happen? But its process is very simple, this app make a software button on our center button, and this app get the power of a lot of actions.

It has several features: this app can be used such as home button, recent apps button, back and for settings. It can to start a selected app also.
This app has a pro version, pro version includes amazing features like start power menu, to take screenshots, to lock the screen, and to take display quick settings. Pro version has more powerful features like to place on the right or left side of our phone screen.

This app takes accessibility services to begin ations like pull down notification bar, open power menu, to take quick settings etc. Because the real result of all this people can use this actioss with one hand, but without this application we cannot use it as one hand like pull down notifications, this application takes accessibility only for these actions.

Totally guys, this application get eligilble for using a lot of things with only this application. This powers are not only in the reviews but also in app using. If we use the app we will understand that.
Guys, if you want to install that please click the link below, see you again


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