Hello friends,

Do you want to hide your lovers or others phone number from your contact list of phone, because in our real life or real life there will be some phone numbers that others do not want to see. That will be our wifes number or others numbers.

If we work in an office, co workers are more likely to use our phones, if we learn in a college, colleagues are more likely to use our phones. There is a possibility of a lot of mistakes coming through that. Because we cant tell what kind of people are using it.
So today we are going to talk about a solution of that problem. That name is “HIDE PHONE NUMBER CONTACTS”. this is a good application to get in the play store. This apps main result is protect our numbers with pin security. So no one can take it without our knowledge. This is a big advantage of this app.

How the apps work?

-open the app and create 4digit password
-then click the” contacts”
-then select the contacts which you want to hide it
We can hide one or more contacts
-then click on secure button to hide the contacts
-we can call from secured section of the app
-after reopening the app, we can see that contacts will get only after giving the password. So anyone cannot to take that contacts
-there is a clear button, if we click that the call logs will be clear.
-another special feature is we can add new contacts from the application (secured section).so the newly added contacts will be hide.

So dears, this application has amazing perfomance. This app is very useful for business men, teachers, teenagers, office workers etc. This means almost people whose using the mobile phones are very useful by this application.
So if you want this application please click the link which given below. So thank you dear


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