Hello friends,
In current times we use phones well those who do not use phones are very few.
So out times wasted on that by several apps. Do you organize your digital life?
Today we introducing to such an app. “Ratio- the productivity launcher “the realisation of this app is a new home screen. 3 views, 0 distractions.

This app helps you to control your phone, this is a minimalist productivity launcher. This means you can view your important apps in a single display. You can optimize your digital time with amazing minimalist design . you can organize your apps easily.
This app ensures you a super messaging app this means you can see your all messages like watsapp, telegram etc in a single screen. This is wonderful feature of this application.

New features in ratio app 5.0 are massively improved battery and ram consumption.
The makers of this application they improve exactly what people think and they change each versions with amazing changes. So we can trust this app completely
New features of this applications are app drawer and dock. Which means you can pin your important applications to the dock for quick access. So you can use applications without time wasting.
As we know we can see all messages in one screen you you can see all messages by one tap.

The amazing things are application’s themes.
-dark mode :this app controll both contrast and perfomance
-light mode :this theme is new added.you can match time of day with this light theme
-focus mode :this theme replaces all solid colors for thin lines and saves battery with a more uniform UI battery.

-sun mode :creation of this theme means gives you best contrast in bright time and the sun light.
This app ensures you your protection and safety so no third party apps are running behind this.and you can decide what permission to give so full control is in your hand.this works with a simple UI. And use state – of-the-art assymetric 256 bit-RSA based dual encryption to protect your data.

So totally we can save 1 hour in a day probably. 30 hours in one month. This is not a small thing. So if you want this application please click the link which given below. So thank you all


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