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Google Lens App Apk Download for Android & iPhone

Are you looking for Google lens app download? Hi guys,today iam going to introduce a very useful app for you. I think that you doesn’t need to install this app in your smartphone. Because this app is already there in your mobile ,laptop and for pc.

The name of the app is “google lens”. Iam definitely sure that you well familiar with this app and this app is already installed in all if your smartphones. But the reality is majority people didn’t know the features and uses of this app and they didn’t see this app till now. In fact that’s why I introduce this app for our readers.

How to Download Google Lense APK

Google Lens App Download

This app contain many awesome features which will help you a lot. In another words we can also able to call this app as a search engine. Because if you see any different type of plant and if you didn’t know it’s name,what will you do? You may try to search in Google or in some other search engines. Majority people try google.

But if you use Google in your smartphone you can’t able to search with images. But don’t worry. Google lend will help you to solve this problem. You can able to do particular thing with the help of this app.

Anyway, this app will really help you to improve your general knowledge also it is a great assistant to the people in many different sectors.
You can also consider this app as a scanner and translator. That means if you want to translate some text,just open this app and capture that photo if particular text and you can able to translate the text in it. And also if you want to scan any qr codes and barcodes,you can do it through this app.
Now a days, majority of the smartphones supports google lens feature in the camera app.

So by using this feature you can able to capture images and translate the texts in it. You can also search the details about the particular picture using this feature.
If you didn’t use this app before in your mobile or laptop, experience it now and don’t forget to post your comment after use the app.


Whiteboard animation creator Application

Today iam going to introduce an awesome app for you. We introduced manu useful apps through this website. But we didn’t introduced this type of an app before. Because the basic feature and the other features of this app are really useful. Anyway take a look to the details of this app.
The name of this app is ” benime ” . I think you didn’t able to catch anything about this app while see the name. Actually this is a whiteboard animation creator app.

Do you know about this ? This app is really an useful one for many people like teachers and to other people who work in the reated section of teaching like motivational speaker e.t.c.
All of them use whiteboards and other assisting tools in their classes to make it more attractive and genuine. If you are anyone like them this app is really an useful one. That means by using this app you can able to create whiteboard animation videos.

This app will also help you to create presentation and marketing videos very easily. And also you can able to include suitable things to make the presentation more attractive one.
This app have a modern user interface and also it is really an user friendly app.

Create marketing and presentation videos within a minute
1. Create a whiteboard animation using built-in assets.
2. Add music and voice over to the video.
3. Export video as MP4 (1080p) and share to others.

So anyway try this app and also don’t forget to leave your experience here.


Photo Editor & Background Eraser

Hi friends,today iam going to introduce an awesome photo editor and background remover app. Iam definitely sure that you may not see this type of app before. Because this app provide you many attractive and useful features fir the editing purpose. You can aslo able to consider this app as a complete photo editing solution.

The name of this app ” picku ” . One of the best feature of this app is it will help you to remove the background of any photos very easily within a short time. You may see many other apps to remove the background of photos. But those type of apps didn’t provide an accurate background remover feature. But picku will provide you complete background removing feature with a great accuracy.

You can also able to remove any objects from the photo accurately using this app. And also this app provide you many attractive background pictures like emoji,nature,frame and border.
You can also able to blur the background of the photo very easily and if you blur the background of your photos you can able to give consentration to your face.

This app also provide you many attractive filters for photos. By using this feature you can able to apply your favourite filters to your photos.
Anyway iam definitely sure that this app have complete editing solution that will help you to make your photos more awesome and great looking. Do just try this app and leave your comment.

click here to install this app


Hi guys,today iam going to introduce an applock app for you. You may install and use many such type of apps in your smartphones. This type of apps will help you to set lock for your apps that you installed in your smartphone.

Do you ever think that all the apps in your smartphone are safe ? You are definitely wrong. Because anyone who know your password of your smartphone can simply able to unlock your smartphone and use the apps in it. This is really an important matter. Because of anyone intruder use your smartphone and do any ciber crime,you will face it’s consequences. So set a lock for the apps in your smartphone us really important.

Now a days majority of the newly released smartphone have applock feature. But it will not available in old smartphones. So in this case this app will help you to secure your apps. This app were approved by the google. And the continuous ads will not disturb you.
This is a light weight app. So anyone can able to Install this app in their smartphone.

You can also able to hide the icon of this app. So the intruders can’t able to find this app and uninstall it.
This app also support many different types of locks and they are given below.

1) Fingerprint lock
2) Pin lock
3) Password lock
4) Pattern lock
5) Intuitive crash screen lock

So iam definitely sure that this app have the complete features of an applock app. Just install this app to secure your apps from intruders.



All of you are familiar with many different types of apps. We introduced many useful app through this website. Today iam going to introduce another awesome VIDEO COMPRESSOR 2020 is really an useful one for all smartphone users especially to the people who use old type of smartphones.
First of all let me introduce the name of this app. It is ” proton video Compressor ” .


I think that you cana able to catch a little bit about this app while you read the name of this app. All of you keep many important videos in your smartphone . And dome people use smartphone having a little bit of internal storage. Due to this people who own this type of smartphones can’t able to keep many large size files and videos in their smartphone. So they were forced to delete many important files and videos from their smartphone. Anyway this is really a big problem.

 fast and efficient video compressor that can compress and resize large video files and easily share them saving your internet data and internal or external storage.

But don’t worry. Here is a solution for this problem. That means this app will help you to compress the video to reduce it’s size. One of the best feature is this app will provide you a reasonable quality to the videos after Compress the video. So it is really a helpfull app with an awesome feature. By using this app you can definitely able to keep many files and videos in your smartphone having low internal storage by compresx it using this app. Iam definitely sure that you will really install this app for experience this wonderful feature of this app.VIDEO COMPRESSOR 2020
So anyway try this app in your smartphone for a different experience.


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Hi guys,today iam going to introduce a very useful app which will EASY CROP APPLICATION. All of you definitely use the apps like whatsapp,facebook,instagram e.t.c. While you use such apps, all of you must set a profile photo in all these apps. There are number of apps like this and majority people who read this article will definitely use many apps among them.


You must face a common problem while you upload your profile picture into particular apps and the problem should be, can’t able to upload a photo as profile picture with original size. Due to this problem many parts of the photo will lose and it will affect the beauty and quality of the photo.
But don’t worry. Today onwards, you didn’t want to face such problems. Because this app will help you to solve that problem very easily within a short period of time.


  • Profile photo uncropped.
  • – Automatic resizing.
  • – Manual adjustment in size and rotation (pinch gesture) and position (slide a finger).
  • – Selection of pictures from the photo album.
  • – Take a picture from the camera.
  • – Control of image rotation.
  • – Select background color of the image.
  • – Selection of wallpaper background of the image.
  • – You can put any picture inside the circle profile picture!
  • – Now better image quality!
  • – With over 156 background images and 36 photo frames!

So if you use and install this app in your smartphone you can definitely able to set any photos which was edited with this app as your profile picture in any apps especially like whatsapp, facebook, instagram e.t.c.
This app will automatically adjust any photo to the particular ratio of the profile picture.
Iam definitely sure that you can definitely able to set your profile photo without losing any part of it after install and edit your photos using this app. This is really a helpful feature for everyone who use social media apps.
So Just install this app now and see the magic of this app.


Google Lens application

Water Garden Live Wallpaper

Hi guys,today iam going to introduce a very awesome app for you. This is really an attractive app which you will definitely install in your smartphone. Because the features of this app will definitely force you to install and use this app

The name of the app is ” water garden ” . Actually this is a live wallpaper app. But some outstanding specifications of this app make it as a different from other apps like this. That means water garden app will provide many attractive features for you.

You may install and use many live wallpaper apps in your smartphone. While you use such apps in your smartphone, you may noticed that the app utilise more charge.
So it will affect your daily usage of smartphone. Because wallpaper is always running on your smartphone. It’s not like other apps. So due to this problem many people refuse to use live wallpapers in their smartphone. But if you use this app in your smartphone, you will not face any such problems which means this app will not loot a lot of charge.

This app provide hd live wallpapers with top class water ripple effects. You can also able to use your fingers to create velvet smooth,stunning water ripples and water waves. There are six different background images. You can select it asper your wish.

If you touch on the wallpaper it will function very smoothly and it’s really beautiful. It will also give you a relaxed mood when you are tensed.
Try this app in your smartphone. Iam definitely sure that it is really awesome and user friendly app. Don’t forget to leave your comment after use this app.