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Photo Editor & Background Eraser

Hi friends,today iam going to introduce an awesome photo editor and background remover app. Iam definitely sure that you may not see this type of app before. Because this app provide you many attractive and useful features fir the editing purpose. You can aslo able to consider this app as a complete photo editing solution.

The name of this app ” picku ” . One of the best feature of this app is it will help you to remove the background of any photos very easily within a short time. You may see many other apps to remove the background of photos. But those type of apps didn’t provide an accurate background remover feature. But picku will provide you complete background removing feature with a great accuracy.

You can also able to remove any objects from the photo accurately using this app. And also this app provide you many attractive background pictures like emoji,nature,frame and border.
You can also able to blur the background of the photo very easily and if you blur the background of your photos you can able to give consentration to your face.

This app also provide you many attractive filters for photos. By using this feature you can able to apply your favourite filters to your photos.
Anyway iam definitely sure that this app have complete editing solution that will help you to make your photos more awesome and great looking. Do just try this app and leave your comment.

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