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AMOLED Wallpapers

Hi guys, today iam going to introduce a very awesome app for you. You may never seen such an app before. I think that all of you must install this app in your smartphone. If you do so you can able to gave a new appearance to your smartphone’s screen.

So let’s have a look th the nee features of this app.
The name of the app is ” always on display ” . Like I said above this app provide the features related to the wallpapers. That means by using this app you can simply able to apply awesome and attractive wallpaper styles to your smartphone.
This app provide six important clock styles.
They are given below. Take a look.

Digital clock
Picture clock
Analog clock
Edge light
Emoji clock
Calendar clock

Among these many attractive themes are available in picture clock.All clock styles are really attractive. You can also able to write your memo from this app and you can able to customize the font style and font size.

Always On AMOLED Screen provides information about, time, date, notifications and more and all without having to touch the phone. Just by looking at it. This is made possible thanks to Always on Display. Most of the screen stays black except for a few pixels.

Anyway this is really a useful app. Because while applying the wallpapers like calendar clock, you can able to know the date and day along with the time.
Iam definitely sure that this is really an awesome app. So just try it in your smartphone and don’t forget to leave your opinion about the app.


Screen Recorder Application

Today iam going to introduce a very useful app for you. Actually this app provide the accessibility features. You may see many such apps. But this app is entirely different. Because this app provide you many awesome features which was not given by some other app which provide accessibility features.

The name if this app is ” touch master “. Now let’s look to the important features of this app. If you use this type of an app in your smartphone, it will make the perfomance of your smartphone smoother and faster.
The first important features of this app are given below

Screen recording
Screen capture
Memory cleaning
Music control
Global gesture operation
Automatic clicker

You may not see an app like this which provide these much features together.
One of the best merit if this app is you didn’t want to root your smartphone for install this app in your smartphone.
This app also contain the acting physical buttons like power,back,home button and recent programmes.
In the case of music controlling feature of this app,you can able to control the music without open the app.
For applying all these things this app provide a floating icon and it will appear in your screen after enable the ” display over other apps ” .
If you use this app in your smartphone, it will also help you to boost and speed up your smartphone by removing unnecessary files.
Anyway these app provide almost all the feature like this. While using this all you can able to use many important features of your smartphone without finding and selecting it.
Install and use the app. Don’t forget to give your feedback after use this app in your smartphone.



Today iam going to introduce a very useful video editing app. You may see and use many different types of video editing apps. But some awesome features of this app make it as different and special from other video editing apps. Do don’t forget to try this app atleast for a single time. The name of this app is ” video editor ” . Like I said above this app have many important features. So let me introduce that for you.

The first three important features of this app are video trimmer,video cutter and video splitter. Among this you can use the trim feature for remove the unnecessary parts of video. And also the trim and cut features work very fastly. Another important merit if this app is the quality of the edited videos will not lost after export. You can also able to export the videos in hd quality.


While you edit any videos, you may cut both sides of it. But cutting the middle part of the video is very difficult. But if you use this app you can able to do this method very easily within a short period of time.
You can also able to add music to the videos. If you want you can also able to trim and cut the music. Another feature is this app will help you to adjust the volume of both video and audio seperatly.

You can also able to add texts,animated texts,emojis to the video for make it more attractive.
Some other features of this app are given below. Have a look

Video aspect changer and video background

Video to MP3 converter

Video rotate and flip

Video enhancer

Video speed changer

Video convertor and video format changer
Reverse video

Video frame grabber and video video picture extractor

Video extractor

So these were the features of this app. You can also a consider this app as a professional video editing app. If you are searching for a better video editing app, install and use this app. Don’t forget to leave your comment after use this app.


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