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Screen Recorder Application

Today iam going to introduce a very useful app for you. Actually this app provide the accessibility features. You may see many such apps. But this app is entirely different. Because this app provide you many awesome features which was not given by some other app which provide accessibility features.

The name if this app is ” touch master “. Now let’s look to the important features of this app. If you use this type of an app in your smartphone, it will make the perfomance of your smartphone smoother and faster.
The first important features of this app are given below

Screen recording
Screen capture
Memory cleaning
Music control
Global gesture operation
Automatic clicker

You may not see an app like this which provide these much features together.
One of the best merit if this app is you didn’t want to root your smartphone for install this app in your smartphone.
This app also contain the acting physical buttons like power,back,home button and recent programmes.
In the case of music controlling feature of this app,you can able to control the music without open the app.
For applying all these things this app provide a floating icon and it will appear in your screen after enable the ” display over other apps ” .
If you use this app in your smartphone, it will also help you to boost and speed up your smartphone by removing unnecessary files.
Anyway these app provide almost all the feature like this. While using this all you can able to use many important features of your smartphone without finding and selecting it.
Install and use the app. Don’t forget to give your feedback after use this app in your smartphone.


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