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Hi guys,today iam going to introduce an applock app for you. You may install and use many such type of apps in your smartphones. This type of apps will help you to set lock for your apps that you installed in your smartphone.

Do you ever think that all the apps in your smartphone are safe ? You are definitely wrong. Because anyone who know your password of your smartphone can simply able to unlock your smartphone and use the apps in it. This is really an important matter. Because of anyone intruder use your smartphone and do any ciber crime,you will face it’s consequences. So set a lock for the apps in your smartphone us really important.

Now a days majority of the newly released smartphone have applock feature. But it will not available in old smartphones. So in this case this app will help you to secure your apps. This app were approved by the google. And the continuous ads will not disturb you.
This is a light weight app. So anyone can able to Install this app in their smartphone.

You can also able to hide the icon of this app. So the intruders can’t able to find this app and uninstall it.
This app also support many different types of locks and they are given below.

1) Fingerprint lock
2) Pin lock
3) Password lock
4) Pattern lock
5) Intuitive crash screen lock

So iam definitely sure that this app have the complete features of an applock app. Just install this app to secure your apps from intruders.


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