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Whiteboard animation creator Application

Today iam going to introduce an awesome app for you. We introduced manu useful apps through this website. But we didn’t introduced this type of an app before. Because the basic feature and the other features of this app are really useful. Anyway take a look to the details of this app.
The name of this app is ” benime ” . I think you didn’t able to catch anything about this app while see the name. Actually this is a whiteboard animation creator app.

Do you know about this ? This app is really an useful one for many people like teachers and to other people who work in the reated section of teaching like motivational speaker e.t.c.
All of them use whiteboards and other assisting tools in their classes to make it more attractive and genuine. If you are anyone like them this app is really an useful one. That means by using this app you can able to create whiteboard animation videos.

This app will also help you to create presentation and marketing videos very easily. And also you can able to include suitable things to make the presentation more attractive one.
This app have a modern user interface and also it is really an user friendly app.

Create marketing and presentation videos within a minute
1. Create a whiteboard animation using built-in assets.
2. Add music and voice over to the video.
3. Export video as MP4 (1080p) and share to others.

So anyway try this app and also don’t forget to leave your experience here.


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