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Hi guys,once again welcome back to the world of awesome applications.Today i would like to introduce an entirely different application that related to the hidden chat social media. especially whatsapp. I think that this application will really help you.The name of the application is ‘UNSEEN’.

The two important and attractive features of this application are ‘HIDDEN CHAT’ and ‘AVOIDING THE BLUE TICK’ in whatsapp and also in other messaging applications. With the ‘HIDDEN CHAT’ feature of this application you can able to read all the messages that you will receive through whatsapp and other applications without open the whatsapp or the other applications.Now-a-days whatsapp have somany attractive features.Seeing the list of the viewers of our posts is one of the important feature among them.

But if you are a user of this application,your whatsapp contacts can’t able to see your name in the viewers list of their post.So you can view all the posts in any whatsapp groups without fearing about the appearance of your name in the viewers list.So this one of the important feature of this application and this feature will protect your privacy in whatsapp.

The second outstanding feature of this application is ‘AVOIDING THE BLUE TICK’.When we send a message to our friends and if they will read it, a blue tick will appear below the message. Through this feature of whats app anyone can able to understand that you read the message or not.But this application will help you to hide the ‘blue tick’.Through this feature you can able to read all the messages that you receive without appearing the ‘blue tick’.This feature also help you to protect your privacy. hidden chat social media

You can also use this application and it’s features for many otherapplicationslike.facebook,messenger,skype,viber,instagram,twitter,s Snapchat and telegram.Simply we can say that this application is well suitable for all social media applications.

I think that this application will be a new experience to you.So i recommend you to install this application to enjoy the amazing features of this application.


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