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All the things around us are develop day by day.Like that the world of smartphone are also get develop.We use smartphone for many purposes like calling,chating. browsing e.t.c.Among these,the one and important one is calling and it is one of the best quality of a smartphone.But we didn’t mind about it.We just call anybody and end it.We never think about the calling duration,incoming caller.

We make a house with a correct plan.Like that make a detail of your calling duration,calling history e.t.c with an outstanding application.The name of the application is ‘CALLYZER’.This application help you to manage all the things related to your calls.

We use graphs and pie diagrams(statistics) for many purposes like studying,calculating e.t.c.The pie diagrams are very easy to understand.That’s why it is widely acceptable among the people.Like that,this application will also provide you a pie diagram that including your calling details like incoming calls,outgoing calls,call duration,call’s time,missed call,rejected call e.t.c.So by looking this diagram,you can able to understand all the things related to your calls.

This application will also classify your past calls into last day’s,last week’s calls,last month’s calls,Top caller(Top caller is the contact number which is the highest number cumulative of incoming,outgoing and unattend calls),highest total call duration,longest call,top 10 frequently talke,top 10 call duration.So anyway this application provide you even a single thing relate to your calls.

The other two important features of this application are ‘compare your interaction’ and ‘export your call data’.The first feature among this will pick your contacts and view the details of your interaction and compare them.The second feature will export your call log in CSV format.

so this is the one and only application that provide you these types of features.So try this application for a new change.