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Hello friends, once again welcome back to another tech update…. today we are going to introduce a distinguished and relevant application that is ” Universal TV Remote control.. it’s designing purpose is for controlling your TV by using your smartphone…

This application provides you a plenty off advantages and limitless benefits…. you can control your TV without TV remote .. you can simply create an authentic control of TV by using this application….it will enhance your confidence and comfortable for using the remote….you have no more need to use the TV remote..


It’s a distinguished application using in more than 100 countries.. you can use it by just setting the settings is to connect your phone as well as your smart TV or to the same WiFi networks…… it’s a best choice for IR TVs also.. your phone Must have a built in infrated feature for the app to work as a remote control…….this is special feature which designed only for it… The IR feature is required to send signals from your phone as well as your smart TV/ Device to the same WiFi networks…

Smart TV specifications and functionalities

  • It allows you to make voice search
  • It has a power control unit….
  • Mute volume control..
  • You can simply share and cast ..also you can view your pictures…. by using this application
  • It provides mouse navigation and easy keyboard…
  • It has input… keyboards..
    *You can simply install apps on TV by using this application..
  • Eventually….it provides all you need to do it in best quality way…

This application is being downloaded about 75 million users around the world….. The whole world has acknowledged and appreciated it’s feature and other related services… By downloading this application. You can cast media files stored on your mobile phone to
your smart tv screen…
It is user friendly application…and it is very simple to contact us …we are in pleasure…to make you happy and prosperous….you will enjoy it well also you will enter to the world of amazing……

These are available informations about above mentioned application…we hope you got it very and also we extremely expect your valuable feedback, comments and suggestions after using this application….see you soon with another tech update…..by