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Status saver and deleted messages viewer

Hi guys, it’s not been a while we met for the last time. But today also iam going to introduce another awesome application for you. This is one of the best application we have ever introduced through this website. Actually this is an Android app. The reason behind the majority introduction of android apps through this website is majority people use android smartphone other than ios. That’s why we introduced android apps very much. 
But we also uploaded many iphone tips in this website. You can check it out for more information.

Likewise today iam going to introduce an application which is related to whatsapp. So what do you think now ? This application is suitable to almost all the smartphone users.
Recover deleted messages
If you are a whatsapp user recover deleted messages is a very essential word for you. Because whatsapp bring a new feature recently which help the users to delete the mesages they send to before a particular duration.
While we consider a single part of it, it is really an useful feature. Because if you send a message by mistake to everyone you can able to delete it. It is really a nice feature.

In the case of the people who receive the message have a great curiosity to know what was the message sent by them. This application is very useful one for them. Do you know how ? 
That can I able to recover all the deleted messages from WhatsApp very easily using this application. I’m definitely sure that this is one of the best feature which all the smartphone users are searching for. Many such applications in Play Store I will some other websites. But this is one of the best application among them.
Status saver
Status saver is also a very essential feature which every whatsapp users are searching for.
In the real whatsapp app you can’t able to save the status of your friends and family members. 
But you can able to use the status saver feature through this app. You just want to select the status which you want to save and save it. Very simple task, right ? 
Blank messages
This application also provide the blank message sending feature for you. By using this feature you can able to send blank messages to anyone through whatsapp.
Secret text
Secret text feature is also provided by this application. In short we can say that this application provide almost all the features which is related to whatsapp and useful to whatsapp users.Secret text will help you to hide texts behind another texts.
Other supported applications
This application is also compitable for signal and telegram. So if you are a telegram or signal user you can also able to enjoy this feature in those apps.
Send direct messages
Kidhar house were able to send direct WhatsApp message to any WhatsApp user by enter the number of the people that you want to send message and the message you want to send.
So these are the features of this app. Try it and post your feedback.
See you soon.


Touch Counter Application

Welcome back to another technological update. Today also you are going to introduce and our some application for our subscribers. like all the other applications that we introduced this website this application is also a very useful one.but there is a difference between all other apps that we introduced and this app. I am definitely sure that you are not expect that the difference is the thing that I am going to tell you.there is no chance to see this application or this type of feature before.

Touch counter

I think you are good confused when you see the name of this application. Do you ever seen such an application before ? Do you know what type of features this application provide for you ? 
There is no bulk of features in this application. But the one and only feature provided by this application is really an awesome one. That’s why I decided to introduce this application for you. 
How this app works ?
like i mention about the important feature provided by this application is click counter. Click counter means counting the touches that that you make on your smartphone.
This application will provide the complete details about the touches. They are given below.
Touches on today
Touches on yesterday
Total touches
Most counted touches
Average / day
Total days

This application also provide the details of the touches on every apps. So you can able to see the occured touches on every apps.
Statistical diagram
This application also provide a statistical diagram which show the taxes done by you on your smartphone by analysing weeks months e.t.c.
Majority of our subscribers may not use or install such an application before in their smartphone.

Touch counter for PC

The click counter feature is also available for PC. If it is an application in the case of of a smartphone, it will be a software in the case of PC. There is also many websites which provide this feature. so if you want to use this feature in your PC you can check it out the above mentioned things.
See you soon with another useful application.