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Hello everyone, hope you are going good. you know we introduced many different types of applications through this website. Iam definitely sure that all of our subscribers will definitely install this application after read this article completely.

Sticker maker

I think you may understand a little bit about this application while you read the name of this app. Yes, this is a sticker maker application. I think there is no need to describe more about stickers.

Sticker maker

Whatsapp and stickers

Now a days majority of the people use whatsapp in their smartphone. Whatsapp bring many new awesome updates on last year. One of the best among them is the introduction of stickers and whatsapp.
Among them all of you know about status and also stickers. But among them today iam going to describe more about stickers. Animated stickers are also available on whatsapp now.

Create normal & animated stickers

You can able to create normal and animated stickers using this application. For that first of all install this app in your smartphone using the download button.

While open the app you can able to see the new stickers on your smartphone. Below that you can able to create your own stickers. After that select either normal or animated stickers. After that select photos from your gallery, web search, text sticker and more. You can also able to see the stickers used by you in whatsapp near it.
Like i said above you can also create animated stickers.

Now a days, whatsapp users use stickers for express their emotion. There are many different types of stickers like movie related and movie dialogue stickers, emoji stickers e.t.c.
While using such stickers sometime you may think that you want to create some different types of stickers. For that you can use this app.

While creating stickers you can also able to add texts and emojis to the stickers as per your designing skills. After creating sticker packs you can able to share it with your friends using the share option.

While you select some photos for creating stickers, the background of particular photos are not suitable for sticker. So it must want to erase. For that this application also provide you a background eraser tool.

So anyway this is all about this sticker maker app. Try it and post your feedback.


Volume booster application

Hi guys, what’s up ! today iam here to introduce a very useful application for many people who own smartphone. One of the attractive thing of this application is the features of this application are very special and you cannot see this type of features before in any other applications. explain the features provided by this application is really useful to all smartphone users. But it is more suitable to to some people who are on a particular types of smartphones.
so if you are one among them you must want to read this article completely to know more about this application.
The name of this application is ” volume booster goodev “.

Volume booster feature

Do you know why you want to use this application in your smartphone ? Do you know how the features of this application will help you ? If you didn’t know more about this app, don’t worry. Read this article completely.

Smartphones having low sound quality

In the case of some particular smartphones, it have very low sound quality. This problem is usually happened in many old types of smartphones. So while you hearing a music or watching a video in such smartphones you will not feel a comfortable. It is absolutely due to the low sound quality of particular smartphone.
In such cases what will you do ? You can’t able to increase the sound technically. But using this application you can able to make a change in the sound quality of your smartphone. This feature is really an awesome one.
So read this volume booster goodev review very well.

Increase Speaker / headphone volume

You can also able to increase the volume and volume quality of speakers and headphone while it was connected to your smartphone. It will help you to watch movies and hear your favourite music.

How to install and use Volume booster application

So you may understand about the features of this app very well while you read the review of this application from above lines.
So now iam going to tell you how to install this application. First of all click on the download button appear below this post. At that time you will redirected to playstore. Install the app from there. After that open the app and adjust the boosting for the sound asper your need.
If you set the boost as zero, the boosting will be disabled and it will be on when you change the boosting from zero.
You can also able to see the boosting status like on / off from the notification bar of your smartphone.

This application is not suitable for all types of smartphones. Listening music or watching movie in high sound may bring problems for your hearing ability.

There is also a chance to get damage to your smartphone when you use this application. So install and use this app at your own risk.

See you soon with the review of another awesome app


Incoming call lock Application

Hi guys, today I am going to introduce a very useful application for all smartphone users. What’s the attractive think about this application is is the feature provided by this app is entirely different and there is not chance to use this feature by you till now. so without giving a detail introduction about let me give you a detailed review of this app.

Incoming call lock

The name of this application is “incoming call lock” . You may see and use many different types app lock applications new smartphone. All such applications are for lock the applications installed in your smartphone. But using this application you can able to set a lock for incoming calls. So we can able to consider this application as a best incoming call lock for android.

Why use this application

like I mentioned above there are many different kinds of application which provide lock feature for the apps in your smartphone. But do you ever think about an application that help you to set a lock for incoming calls ?
do you want to know why a smartphone user want to use this application ? why you use your smartphone you may receive many incoming calls and you also make many outgoing calls. Some calls among them are very important and it is discussing very confidential matters. So you can able to to secure your incoming calls by set a lock for the it using this application.

Protect the incoming calls

Imagine that you put your smartphone anywhere and go to somewhere for a particular purpose. After that an incoming call connect your smartphone and somebody picked it. If it was a very conference call all the things set by the person who called you will hear by the person who pick up the call.
But if you set a lock for incoming calls using this application, anyone can’t able pick up the incoming calls without knowing the lock that is enabled by you for the incoming calls.
You can select either pattern lock aur password as lock.
When your receive any incoming calls after enable this feature the phone number and the name of the person who called you will not appear on the screen. But you can also enable it from this application.
For an ultimate security this application also provide fingerprint unlock.

Auto disconnect

If anyone tried to attend the incoming call by applying wrong password for three times the call will be automatically disconnected. So you can able to understand that this application never allow anyone to attend the incoming calls without your permission.

How to install

for install this application in your smartphone you just want to click on the download application button below this post. Don’t forget to install and use this application and to post your feedback after use it.

See you soon with another useful application.


Whatsapp Analyser application

Hello everyone, There is very rare people who own whatsapp. The people who didn’t use whatsapp didn’t have a smartphone. But maturity people have atleast a single smartphone. So we can easily just that majority of the smartphone users are also also whatsapp users.
So today I am going to introduce an application which is really an useful one for all the people who use the social media application whatsapp.
the features of this application which help the whatsapp users are entirely different and it is also very surprising. Because you may not see this feature before. So for understanding more about this application and its awesome features read this article completely.

Whatsapp Analyser

This is the first and very important feature of this application. In short I can say about this feature is it will help you to analyse your all whatsapp chats very easily within a short period of time.

How to analyse whatsapp groups and chats

First of all open this app. At that time you can able to see an option called ” open whatsapp ” . You will be redirected to whatsapp when you click on this option.

What to do next

After redirected to whatsapp select any chats or groups. Then click on the three lines at the right side on top of the screen. After that select the more option. Select the export chat option from there. If you want to export with media or without media, select the appropriate one among them.
After that select ” chat chart ” .

Chat Summary

After selecting the chat chart app you will be redirected chat chart app. You can have to see the summary of the selected chat or group.

Whatsapp Analyser

The factors included in the chat summary of personal chats are given below.

1) Messages

2) Words

3) Letters

4) Media

5) Emojis

6) Links

7) Deleted messages

Below that you can able to see two options. They are read chats option and share summary option.
If you want to read the chats, select the read chats option. At that time you can able to see the messages sender by you and the selected person.

Whatssapp Full Chat Details

You can also able to see the complete statistics like summary of your chats here like the

1) Total messages per user

2) Total words per user

3) Total letters per user

4) Average letters per messages of each user

5) Top words in the chat

6) Top 5 words of each user

7) Total emojis per user

8) Total shared links of each user

9) Most shared links in the chat

10) Top 5 shared links of each user

11) Total messages per day of the week

12) Total messages per hour

13) Total messages per month

14) Days with the highest number of messages

15) Total message last in last few days

16) First messaged date and time of each uses

17) Last messaged date and time of each uses

18) Total deleted messages of each user

19) Total media files shared by each user

So using this app you can able to see the messages of all groups and the messages sender by each members. So you can also able to evaluate their activity in the whatsapp groups.
You can also able to check wheather they are active or inactive in groups.

Fast Message

This app also provide a feature for send direct messages to anyone who use whatsapp. For that you just want to enter the number in this app and click on the send icon. At that time you will be redirected to whatsapp and the chat of given number will be appear there. So you can easily able to send messages to them without save their number.

Anyway this app is really awesome and great useful one for everyone who use whatsapp. So try this app and post your feedback.

See you soon with another useful app.


data controller for android

Hello everyone. Welcome to the introduction of another awesome app. Today we are going to add one useful app to the list of the awesome apps that we introduced through this website.
We already introduced many different kinds and special apps through this website. Likewise this data controller app is also a special one. Because this app provide a very useful feature.

I will describe about it. So for understand more about this data controller data controller app, read this article completely.

The internet / data controller for android

The name of this app is ” Average data usage widget ” . I think you many understand a little about this app while you see the name of this app. If dodn’t, i will give you all the details about this app.
All of you are internet users. There should be data on your smartphone on everytime. Some people recharge unlimited plans to their smartphone. In such cases there should be a limited data on each day and it should be enough for internet use for sometime.

data controller for android

Who can use data controller app

Some people recharge less data to their smartphone. In such cases there is no daily limit on data. It will completed when the data expire.

This app is really an useful one for such people. That means they can able to set a limit to use internet on each day. If you set a particular data, you can easily able to understand when you use more than the setting limit.
This app also have a history. So you ca understand more about your internet usage from there.

How to control data usage

While using this app if the top bar is longer than the bottom, it is good. You can use internet after that.

But if the top bar is shorter than the bottom it is not good. In this case you want to stop using data or the data balance in your smartphone will expire.

These are the features of this app. Try this app if you want to manage your internet usage.

See you again with another tech update


Hi everyone. What’s up ! Hope you are going good. Today iam here to introduce an awesome app for you which is really an useful one for all smartphones users. We know that, now a days each and everyone who own a smartphone must use internet in their smartphone. Internet is necessary now a days.

Because it is necessary fir using social media apps like Whatsapp, facebook, instagram, messenger e.t.c. I only mentioned these apps because there is also some other apps. But the mentioned apps are the best apps mostly used by the smartphone users.

While you use internet you may lost some part of your daily internet due to the unwanted intervention of some apps that you installed in your smartphone.
You may lose a high data likewise on each day and also it will prevent you from using internet for very urgent and important matters.

So it is definitely sure that it is a huge problem. But you can able to solve this problem using this app. So for understand all the details of this app, read this article completely.
First of all I would like to introduce the first feature of this app. is you can able to set the duration for using internet for . That means you can able to set 6 hours for usi g internet for whatsapp and facebook and full day internet use for youtube and instagram.
Likewise there are many apps in your smartphone which need the internet and doesn’t want internet.
So you can able to select the apps which want to use the internet and the apps that doesn’t want to use internet. Like i said above you can also able to set a limit to use internet for your favourite apps.
By suing this app you can also able to monitor the daily, weekly and monthly internet usage of each and every apps which use internet.

In some cases continuous notifications will interfere the smooth using of your smartphone. So you can also able to to manage and disable it using this app.
I think this are one among the best features that many smartphones users searching.
Try this app and leave your feedback if you intrested to use this app.



Hi guys, today iam here to introduce an awesome application for you. I am definitely sure that you may not see such an application before. Because the features of this application are extraordinary one. Try this app in your smartphone for experience the awesome features of this app.
The name of this app is ” button mappper ” .

Do you understand anything while you see the name of this app. If you didn’t understand anything about this app read this article completely to understand more about this app.
By using this app you can able to replace the touch button of your smartphone like home button, back button e.t.c to the volume buttons.
You doesn’t want to root your smartphone to install this app.


This app is really an useful one for the people who own the smartphone having touch problems like technical problems.
If the home button of your smartphone didn’t work, gou can able to convert the feature or action of the home button to the volume button.
If you do like that you just want to read the volume button to go to Home page of your smartphone.

You can use this feature for covert the features like flashlight, camera, tv remote, orientation change, open notifications e.t.c.
If you are facing a problem with the touch of your smartphone or if you want to convert the touch buttons of your smartphone to volume buttons for experience an entirely different features, install this app now in your smartphone.