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Hello everyone, hope you are going good. you know we introduced many different types of applications through this website. Iam definitely sure that all of our subscribers will definitely install this application after read this article completely.

Sticker maker

I think you may understand a little bit about this application while you read the name of this app. Yes, this is a sticker maker application. I think there is no need to describe more about stickers.

Sticker maker

Whatsapp and stickers

Now a days majority of the people use whatsapp in their smartphone. Whatsapp bring many new awesome updates on last year. One of the best among them is the introduction of stickers and whatsapp.
Among them all of you know about status and also stickers. But among them today iam going to describe more about stickers. Animated stickers are also available on whatsapp now.

Create normal & animated stickers

You can able to create normal and animated stickers using this application. For that first of all install this app in your smartphone using the download button.

While open the app you can able to see the new stickers on your smartphone. Below that you can able to create your own stickers. After that select either normal or animated stickers. After that select photos from your gallery, web search, text sticker and more. You can also able to see the stickers used by you in whatsapp near it.
Like i said above you can also create animated stickers.

Now a days, whatsapp users use stickers for express their emotion. There are many different types of stickers like movie related and movie dialogue stickers, emoji stickers e.t.c.
While using such stickers sometime you may think that you want to create some different types of stickers. For that you can use this app.

While creating stickers you can also able to add texts and emojis to the stickers as per your designing skills. After creating sticker packs you can able to share it with your friends using the share option.

While you select some photos for creating stickers, the background of particular photos are not suitable for sticker. So it must want to erase. For that this application also provide you a background eraser tool.

So anyway this is all about this sticker maker app. Try it and post your feedback.


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