Hi everyone. What’s up ! Hope you are going good. Today iam here to introduce an awesome app for you which is really an useful one for all smartphones users. We know that, now a days each and everyone who own a smartphone must use internet in their smartphone. Internet is necessary now a days.

Because it is necessary fir using social media apps like Whatsapp, facebook, instagram, messenger e.t.c. I only mentioned these apps because there is also some other apps. But the mentioned apps are the best apps mostly used by the smartphone users.

While you use internet you may lost some part of your daily internet due to the unwanted intervention of some apps that you installed in your smartphone.
You may lose a high data likewise on each day and also it will prevent you from using internet for very urgent and important matters.

So it is definitely sure that it is a huge problem. But you can able to solve this problem using this app. So for understand all the details of this app, read this article completely.
First of all I would like to introduce the first feature of this app. is you can able to set the duration for using internet for . That means you can able to set 6 hours for usi g internet for whatsapp and facebook and full day internet use for youtube and instagram.
Likewise there are many apps in your smartphone which need the internet and doesn’t want internet.
So you can able to select the apps which want to use the internet and the apps that doesn’t want to use internet. Like i said above you can also able to set a limit to use internet for your favourite apps.
By suing this app you can also able to monitor the daily, weekly and monthly internet usage of each and every apps which use internet.

In some cases continuous notifications will interfere the smooth using of your smartphone. So you can also able to to manage and disable it using this app.
I think this are one among the best features that many smartphones users searching.
Try this app and leave your feedback if you intrested to use this app.


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