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Whatsapp Call Recording App

Hi guys,today iam going to introduce a Whatsapp Call Recording App. The name of the app and it’s function is almost same. The name of the app is “call recorder for whatsapp”.
Iam definitely sure that you may understand the feature of this app when you see the name of the app.

Whatsapp Call Recording
Now a days,majority of the people use whatsapp for cha with their friends and others. We can say that whatsapp is a very essential part of our life today.
Whatsapp also also have the calling features like audio calling and video calling. And also many people use whatsapp for both audio and video calls.
The benefit of whatsapp call is you doesn’t need balance in your smartphone. If you are connected with a wifi,you can able to make a whatsapp audio or video call very easily.

how to Whatsapp Call Recording

So now a days,many people use whatsapp for official matters also. Due to that people also make official calls through whatsapp.
If you want to see or hear particular call,what will you do? I think majority if the readers know how to Whatsapp Call Recording common call with the help of tue default feature of your smartphone or with the help of some external apps.
But using this app you can able to record the whatsapp calls very easily.I think you may not familiar with this feature.

By using this app you can able to record your whatsapp calls automatically. If you enable this feature whenever you attend or make a whatsapp call,it will be automatically recorded into this app.
This app also provide you a better audio quality.So you can able to hear the recorded call with a better quality.
Anyway this is a better app for recording whatsapp calls. Install this app if you want to use particular feature.


Super Music Player

Hi guys,today iam going to introduce a Super Music Player for you and iam definitely sure that this is one of the best music player app that you ever seen and use in your smartphone.
While we choose a music player app for our smartphone,we consider many things like it’s features and also we compare particular app with our default music player app.

Super Music Player
So today iam going to introduce an Super Music Player app for you.And also this app contain almost every features with some extra ordinary features which you expected from a music player app.
The name of this app is “nyx music player”.

Now let’s talk about the features of this app.
This Super Music Player is coming with an attractive interface.
While we consider the basic features of this app,it’s almost same with the other music player apps.But like I said above this app also contain some other features and they are

Super Music Player features

Nice and smooth, but faulty. When I add multiple songs to a playlist, it crashes straightaway. The natural sound option is the best functionality this app can offer,Few things were missing since its a new app, but I requested the developers and they added all the fearures immediately. WOW! They are really working on this App. Some people give low rating which is sad, they are inconsiderate.

*Req feature

Among this you can able to enable and use more useful features by using the req feature.
In the case if settings of this app,it contain the features like theme,accent, visualizer,style,manage tab e.t.c.
This app also contain the 3D audio feature.So anyway this is a very useful music player app.Of you are searching for this type of features,install and use this app in your smartphone.