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Secret Chat messages

Hi guyz,today iam going to introduce Secret Chat messages application for you. The name of the application is “telegram”.We all know that telegram is a very popular application which have a lot of features.So today I would like to give a detailed review of the application called telegram. You can use telegram for different purposes like chating.That means you can able to chat with your friends through telegram like you chat with them through some social media applications like whatsapp and messenger. But while we use these types of applications there are some limitations. That means you can’t able to send a big sized file to anyone through whatsapp or messenger. Iam definitely sure that this feature is definitely a required one. Unfortunately whatsapp and messenger like other applications didn’t have this feature. But don’t worry.Here is the solution for the particular problem.If you want to send a large sized file to anyone,telegram will help you for that. This is one of the best and attractive feature of telegram and that’s why majority of th people choose telegram to send large sized files like media files,documents e.t.c. Secret Chat messages using telegram Another attractive feature of telegram is it I’ll …

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