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Latest lock code for Android

Hi guys, today iam here to introduce va very useful app for you. Do you want to secure your smartphone ? Do you want to set many different types of licks for your smartphone and apps ? Do you want to secure your smartphone from intruders ? Don’t worry. All these issues will be resolved just with an app. And that is what is iam going to introduce today.

The name of this app is ” perfect lock ” . You may use many app lock apps in your smartphone. But many such apps have many loopholes.
Do you know what is the speciality of an applock app ?If you put your smartphone on somewhere, there is chance to take your smartphone by someone. Likewise if anyone take your smartphone and try to access this app will prevent such actions and provide security for your smartphone and the apps in it.
This app is really useful ine for the people who use the social media apps like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, messenger e.t.c.


  1. Lock any apps by using pin,pattern or gesture.
  2. Screen Filter support: Effectively manage screen brightness of individual apps
  3. Rotation Lock support: Prevents unwanted screen rotation on each apps
  4. Watchdog : After 3rd failed password attempt, built-in camera takes photo of attacker.
  5. Lock WiFi, 3G data, Bluetooth, Sync, USB (MTP is not supported)
  6. Lock Home Screen, Lock Outgoing Calls, Lock Incoming Calls, Lock App Install/Uninstall
  7. Time, WiFi based locking policy supported.
  8. Fake Popup : Displays fake error message when locked app is launched.
  9. Minimum resource used.
  10. Remotely start AppLock service using SMS command.
  11. Gesture, Pin, Pattern, Text password supported.

You can use pin, pattern and gesture for set lock.
This app also support whatchdog feature. Anyway this app us a complete lock solutions for make your smartphone and the apps installed it in as secure one.
Try this app if you want to try a different type of security measures for the apps in your smartphone.


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