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Daily Archives: July 5, 2022


We are updating new application that is live transcribe and notification.. which will be more helpful for the users who are with the strong ability to know the real time transcriptions of your conversations and sound event notifications so it’s beneficial for you…

It is most helpful for deaf and dumb people who is considering as handicapped and being issues people by physically and biologically.it is far better to do the better items and secular feeling towards the rythem of the application…to enrich their life and style through this application

On most phones, you can directly access live transcribe and sound notification with these steps to make it easy and dedicated one to manage it towards the ideological background to check the tutorial of the best one so invisible for the duff and towards the quality of the application then it may concern about the consequences and ready to manage something special one to grab it

To set the process you can simply open your device settings and take advantage to this to encourage as you mention to the various functions and abilities for taking the quality and features.. transcriptions and serious activities will be monitoring due to the technology process and ideas of the system plan…then it may continue to manage the ideas of the duff and towards the ideological background so much confidence to allow the requirement so it will be beneficial for someone who is ready to make the situation is very important and relevant

It also provide sound system as notification settings and take it as advantages and benefits for it by the updated way and other items to more comfortable and affordable to maintain the quality and of the application…

So it’s so blessed to the duff and dumb people who is are facing the same attitudes and behaviours for the constitutional momentum.. which is useful and beneficial for you as they wondering to know more effectively Brillante and relevant so please utlize this golden opportunity… don’t miss it… to make it so easy and efficient



Picture password and Lock screen is a new venture to the technology field it’s far better than in this field… it’s beneficial for someone who is want to make number password in their devices.. please be login in to the application for the locking

It is unique app by its features and specifications…it has its own methods and techniques to maintain the quality and service packages including to lock the screen and device as per your choice connecting the method regards the elements and do better experience on the method of it…so please be with this application for further details

By using this application you will be availed to lock your screen of to your phone a completely new way.. that is only with the functional item to set the process and ideas… only with a unique one to maintain the original view of the application to resume as they wondering the ideas and opportunities…

You can simply set the picture password as following methods..so it is useful one for you to go beyond the requirement… you can set picture password level 11 this password need when you update password and when you forget password unlock you will need it…and also select photo from list available to be enlarged one and maintenance one to make it easy to set the ideas and opportunities to maintain the equality and diversity of the application..

And also you can set the number from 0 to 9 from screen…set there the whole adding one to the technology level and maintance level towards it for further information and details to make your screen so vivd and gllistng one regarding the elementary power and regards to manage it and make it so easy..

So please be aware about hr quality of the application and be hurry with us to make so elegant memories to make it easy and dedicated…this is a golden opportunity you.. don’t miss it …..