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Hi guys this is awesome information from us towards you to avail more attractive features for you to make it so useful and beneficial..it is a needy application to know about your hardware and operating system…

It is new level application for testing,tools and complete information about your hardware and operating system… by using this application you can monitor your hardware in real time and get complete information about your device model CPU,GPI,memory, battery, camera, storage, network, sensors and other things to be checked and tested.. so you can easily control it by taking more care on it

It provides the most detailed CPU and get complete information about your valuable device..so it is nice one for you…it also provide system on a chip info available..see specifications for Bluetooth,GPU,RAM, storage and other hardware in your phone or tablet..and also see. Details about your wi fi and mobile networks including dual Sim info and get real time sensor data…so it is very wanted one for you to do it more and really thrilling one for you…

By using this application you can test and Check your hardware and related at any time so please be aware about the quality and features of the application…so it is nice one for you as per the quality level and related events… there is no issue about the security features of the application

You also get details about your wifi and more networks including dual Sim info,get real time sensor data…so that you can learn about your phone’s operating system and architecture.. root is fully supported,so rooted users can discover even more info about your hardware and software also… please aware about the quality of the application

These are available informations about above mentioned application… please utlize this golden opportunity towards you don’t miss it.. your hardware and also your device Will be protected and insured while using this application