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Instagram latest future

Instagram latest future

Now a days,we many different types of social media applications in our smartphone.The awesome applications like whats app,Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media applications used by the majority smartphone users.We use all these applications for chatting and upload photos and videos.
When you use the applications like Instagram and Facebook,you may upload photos and videos to it.When you upload a photo or video to Instagram and Facebook,you must be aware to make the photo attractive and beautiful one.You will also add many tags to your photo and video to get more likes and views.If you gave more attractive and trending hashtags,there is a chance to get more likes,comments and views.

But when you upload a photo or a video to Instagram or Facebook,sometimes,you can’t able to find appropriate tags to photos and videos.But this application will help you to select best suitable and attractive tags to your photos and videos that help you to get more likes,comments and views.
The name of the application is ‘QUINSTA’.Through this application,you will get hashtags for photos and videos,best and suitable captions,attractive captions for story and bios.You can also get many different types of attractive fonts.If you want to get that,type anything that you want and select any style that you liked from so many attractive and beautiful fonts.
This application have also grid feature.It will help you to crop a photo and make it suitable to upload to Instagram.
So anyway,these are the useful features of this application.If you are social media application’s user like Instagram and Facebook,i recommend you to install this application.


Hi guyz,today i would like to introduce an outstanding application for you.The name of the application is ‘POLY STAR’.This is an attractive application that suitable for everyone especially for children.This is a game application.But this is not like other games.By playing this game,you can able to reduce your stress and like that this application have so many attractive and useful features.
As I said above this is not a common game application.This is a brain training application and beautiful 3Dpoly puzzle art game.That means this application will help you to improve and develop your skills.This application didn’t have any complications.Anyone can use and play the games very easily.
This application have a beautiful feature.The function of this application will really attract you.That is,in this application you can able to listen to the tales of night stars by match the 3D poly puzzles.

I think,you have a doubt now about the the poly star.No problem.By playing this game you can able to learn the tale behind the poly stars.The story begin On a night,after a crash landing on a vast desert.The game is the travel of that young boy.Throughout the game,you can able to listen to the tales of beautiful stars in the attractive night sky.
As I said above,you can play this game and listen to beautiful stories by matching the 3D puzzles with easy controls.
This application have also one another feature. Through this application,you can also able to release your pending emotions and forget stressful days by hearing the calm and beautiful music.
You can able to reset the data when you replace your smartphone or delete this application.But if you delete the game or replace the device,all the data will be deleted and you can’t able to restore it.
Anyway,these are the useful functions and attractive features of this application.If you want to enjoy above mentioned features,i recommend you to install this awesome application in your smartphone.



Hi guyz,today i would like to introduce an entirely different application for you.The name of the application is ‘TRANSPARENT WIDGET’.This application will really help you to make so many changes in your smartphone and make the installed applications secure.If you would like to make your smartphone safe with the help of an application,this will help you.
So now I will describe how to use this application in your smartphone.If you install and use this application in your application,you can able to open the selected applications in a different manner.That’s why I said that,this is one of the best application that provide you complete encryption to the installed applications in your smartphone.
First of all,install this application in your smartphone.After that come back to your home page.After that press and hold on your screen to open and add widgets to the screen.In some smartphone,the steps to add widgets is different.After that select the icon of the ‘TRANSPARENT WIDGET’ application and touch and hold on it to add it to the home screen.

If you completed these steps,a new screen will appear.At that time,select the option ‘OPEN APP’.At that time an application list of your smartphone will appear there.Select the application that you want to make transparent.After that click on the option ‘ADD’ to add a transparent icon on the home screen.
If you complete all these steps,the selected application will add to your home screen transparently.If you want to open that application,touch on the narrow circle that appear on the home screen.At that time the selected application will open on the screen.You can also able to adjust the size and position of this narrow circle by long press on it.
If you want to hide applications in your home screen in a different manner,i recommend you to install this application.