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Hide All Application Your Mobile Phones

Hi friends.  That’s the application we’re going to experience.  WhatsApp is a nice app for all applications that you can use to hide your mobile phone.  We have written a lot about this hide application because many people have asked us about this application. 

For them is the reason for writing this blog.After installing this app on our mobile phone we check your mobile phone and try to use another one of our WhatsApp Facebook.  Or we have hid any application.  The app can not be viewed on our mobile phone anyway.This is an application that can be used to hide our application in this way.
App Hider will help you hide your application icon on device. This app is able to hide any apps installed even you can lock any apps with password. In order to hide app you just needs to select app and press single button then your app will not be visible anymore on android desktop. And for lock do the same process.
AppLock and App Hider both are different things, because if you lock any app then everybody can see app icon on home screen and launcher screen, but in App Hider no one can see app icon on home screen and launcher screen as icons of apps are not visible. Usually, you need to root our phone in order to hide the apps and the like.  The common people do not know how to route this way.  That’s why we need another technological aid.  But by applying this app’s hype, anyone can hide the apps on his phone without anyone’s help. A lot of this application is available in the Play Store today.  I’m introducing to you an application that is different from what I like and is hard to use.  Also, the Internet is the only small internet to download this app.  Additionally, the small space is enough to install on our phone.  Another feature is that this application can be used without internet access. You can use this application entirely for free.  This is an hide application. that can set up password.

This is why we have set the password to make any change in this hide application. It is impossible to find out which application we have hid with someone without our password.so This application is 100% trusty.If you liked this application then surely share it with others and download the link below to download this hide application.

live video free application

Today we are going to get acquainted with the live video  call application.  With this application you can chat and live video  call with someone.  The person you love from any part of the world can choose a live video  chat and video call The application is unique.2018.The developers claim that it is the fastest recorded live video  call in 2018.  Chat with new people.  Live video call chatting with others. 

It’s very easy to use as well.  This is the feature of the application.  Physics is the easiest way to go around Google writing.  That’s why we understand that more people use this application.
free video call is a free live video chat platform where you can communicate with a random person. Are you looking for a person to talk and make friends, then this platform is for you? Find people whom you want to live video talk. Talk to same and opposite sex in India.
No need to Girls phone Number for live video  . So
live video  Talk to a stranger is very easy. You can find Hindi , Malayalam. Kannada, other language live video  Speaking Girls , Boys.  There are lot of boys , girls are waiting online to connect with you all. its a fun app by video live chat on your smart phone. It ultimately Free & real time video calling feature.
Meet new interesting peoples for free using our 
live video  chat  app that connects you with random strangers instantly. make every video chat relax & fun to eliminate the embarrassment! Go online on anytime now.
the live video app free is not about hello local online or match dating online. People say hi & hello, meet local singles, meet locals, meet up with love and soulmate! Come and try free chat app! Text live chat rooms & chat video call vc take place every sec. To meet new people via text live match dating video call vc and to chat date with girls, find friends, Below is a link to download this application.  Similarly, if you like this application with your friends then you can.  Deliver.


Download application for whats app online time

Most people use mobile phones. 98% of them are also using whats app. Today I introduce you to an application for whats app users.The main use of this application is. Many people are blocking other numbers to hide from being on Watson online or hid the time it comes online using the application.

We are confident that this is a great application to catch those people. This app is used by many people. The application is currently in use by Google Wright 4.2.Let’s see how to use this application. Just click on the link we have given below and click. Then download and install. Then open the app. So let’s know whose Whats App number is dialed with that number including county code After that you press OK after We can understand with the clarity that the person using Whats App in that number has come online now and how much time he spent online. A lot of this application is available on websites and play stores today. But this is the reason why this application succeeds in being able to use it as much as possible.And there is only a very cheap Internet to download this app. Likewise, there is only a very slight space to be installed. Anyone can easily use this application.Another feature of this application. We have taken any WhatsApp number which is taken by Deetay. The person who uses that number never knows his whatsapp details checked. That’s why you can use any kind of application. Using this app can take all that overturn byte. If you like this application, definitely share it with others. Because many people have asked us about this application. And the app is a trustworthy app.There are still many small tips that Watsup users need to know. It will be in subsequent posts. This application is Viruses-Protected Application. So by using this, your phone never hangs in. Usually, after seeing the full install of the apps you see, our mobile phone will have to be formatted. But this application is different from that.
I would like to use this application in less than one of the lessons that I felt in this application. Other social media can not take depreciation. That’s just the slightest disappointment in this application. Let’s wait and see that other social media are the same as application development that others see online.The link below has been downloaded to download this application. Those who are interested will click on it. You can also go to Google PlayStore by typing “WAS ON”.after you can down load also this app



We all have to watch a movie using a mobile phone. Today we are familiar with a humble application for those. This can probably be downloaded once you go to the Play Store.You can see the movie faster and faster. This app is different from other apps. Additionally, we can download the movies that we like with the same application.

]Most of us have been asked directly about this application directly or indirectly for such people.They believe this application will be very useful. Information about this application. Below is a link to download it. Those who are interested can download this application by clicking on that link. We present this application to you freely as free.
Free full hd movies down loader is free fast movies down loader tool used to download any type of High quality of English HD Movies. Now you may downloads all types of HD movies, in English, Hindi, Tamil movies, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada movies, via this fast down-loader tool. 
This tool act as a search engine for all types of high resolution movies, once user search movie, he/she have to check its rating etc, It allow downloading both magnet and torrent down-loader to download movies. 
This all movie down-loader tool act as a search engines, use have to search any English or Hindi movie in its search bar, and press search button, app will show a list of the movies matches to the search query, and all its detail. User will be directed to download the movie via Torrent or magnet. 
Features of the App 
Following are the features of the app …..
The app will display a huge list of all types of English movies list, where user can choose and download movie
Search film with exact Name
App will match search query and will display all new and old movies related to the Search Query
User will browse movie,
and will select his choice movie
App will allow user to download movie via torrent or magnet
Movie downloaded, and user can check it in downloads section.
To download this application you will lose only a few Inter net MB from your mobile device. Additionally, there is only a small space available on the mobile phone to install it. When you like this post, share it with others. Do not forget to let us know your valuable suggestions. Below is a link to download.

how to make fake call

Hi friends. Fake call is an application that will be introduced to you today. What’s unique about this is that we can make a new number and make another call.So we can not know who the caller calls. It also uses this application to replace our sound with another voice.

Fake Call is a useful tool when you want to get rid of someone. When you feel uncomfortably – pretend that someone is calling to you! You can set up a fake call and receive it as a real one. This tool uses your original ringtone and it looks like a real phone call, so everyone will think that you need to receive a call!
There are many adjustments and tools you can use in this app, for example you can choose the chucky picture and voice you want and the phone interface call ,you can choose the number and the name of the character that will call you, and set times for the fake call , which you will receive with your phone’s ringtone, you have also the possibility to add new pictures and record new voices and set some false calls for different times , which means this app can replace any other fake call apps in the store ( IT , girlfriend , boyfriend , ect);

Voice changer for call is the ultimate app for making creepy and funny phone calls. It also supports HD voice recordings using your phone built in microphone.
Prank call your friends use the app to change your voice during the call and add funny sound effects in real time during a phone call.
With voice changer during call ,you can easy prank your friends during your conversation with a lot of voices such as : British accent , girl voice , giant , helium , drunk , evil, japenese 
Very funny real time voice changer 
Make a fake call and prank your family and friends 
You can choose different voices in one call
Call voice changer on phone calls
One of the features is that these two things are part of an application. This application can be downloaded freely from Google PlayStore. The link below is as follows. If you like it, share it with your friends.


Hi Friends Most of us are familiar with social media such as Facebook WhatsApp that introduces you as a good application.This is why we use this application.Two apps, Facebook and WhatsApp, will be visible to others when we last visited online.Similarly, when someone sends us a message, it is easy to find out if the message is taken.For example, in Watsap we sent a message and sent the message to my the other two blue color TickCan see.

The same way that Facebook has adopted,
No Last Seen & Unseen For Whatsapp is the best blue tick hider and read sign hider for all the use who want to show offline status and read messages without appearing online or leaving blue double tick. Now download this latest hidden chat app with no read sign, blue tick unseen and read friends messages without leaving any last seen or blue tick notice.   is that we know from our phone that our message has been done to others.The application feature is that we can not understand whether we read or not the message we have read.Below is the application that lets us chat with another person by hiding in short. and we have given you a link below this post. Once you click on that link, you can use this application freely. once you can install this application u can use
chat on whatsapp without coming online without appearing online-showing-whatsapp offline chat app-trick-reply to whatsapp messages-offline chatting-hide last seen-reply whatsapp without online.
The Uniqueness Of This Application,
No Last Seen & Unseen For Whatsapp is a small and amazing tool app to hide last seen and messages seen status. With this no last seen hidden chat user can read incoming messages without sending read sign, blue tick and online status. With this secret app user can hide himself from friends. User can read messages without showing online status. Read messages offline and offline chat is the best solution for users who want to hide last seen, read sign etc. 

With this offline chat for WhatsApp user don’t need to go offline or remove internet connection while chatting with friends to show offline. This hidden chat and last seen app will hide your last seen, hide online status, read messages offline and a mask chat app.
click here to download this app>>>>>>>>>>>>

How Move Files To SD Card

One of the problems faced by some is that the phone’s memory is suddenly full.So when you download the video and video message from Whats App,

the memory is full massage coming .can not be downloaded.Similarly, the messages from the Play Store show that memory is full while installing the application.In the time you take the photo, the memory is written in the memory that your phone is full.It also takes longer than any app to open and the phone becomes a hangout,Everything mentioned above is a problem facing each of us when using mobile phones.When this type of problems arrives A new memory card will be deposited to the mobile phone and a photo video on the phone will be copied onto the memory card.It is necessary to find time to photograph the video and do the same with other data.In such cases I introduce you to an application that automatically moves our data to the memory card while our mobile phone memory is complete.This application is useful for devices with small phone memory and which do not allow saving your files directly to memory card.In So By installing this application you will lose only a very small amount of space from your phone, so it does not cause your phone to be slow.You can go to the Google Play Store and look at this application rating 4.2..So let us understand that this application is trustworthy application as well as the application that most people use.It is interesting that this application is designed to be used by anyone.
This app can be installed and installed on all devices using Android software.This app can not be used on Apple phones. Let’s talk about an application that’s on the Apple phone Another post.You can download this application by clicking on the link below.Share this application and share it with other people once you like it
click here to download this application>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Latest Call Recorder Free Download

We’ve heard about different calling recordings, such as the call recording application that uses apps that are recorded by phone conversations that we call.

What is the actual call record.Call Recording is an app that automatically records the calls coming to our phone as well as the phone calls we call back.The call recorder application is a very useful application for people who can use the phone conversation again and again to hear someone else’s.Similarly, a conversation can be saved in a folder that we like in the name of your choice and send it to others.That too with good clarity ,
But I’m introducing you here is about being a very useful call-recording application that’s different from the phone recordings.
this app using to Auto Call Recorder App Recorded calls are stored in the Inbox.

Auto Call Recorder App Records incoming/outgoing phone calls in crystal clear sound quality. Contacts Backup,Password Protection are some other key features of the the app which make the app different from other call recorder.
Call Recorder App is best call recording app to record phone calls.By using automatic call recorder you will record call easily. you will have many options for setting up call recording. There are two options: record all calls from any numbers or just record calls from a list of numbers.

Call Recorder App how to record my call and how to make automatic call recording, this app is best answer for you.
You can download the link below to download this app and you can easily download this app by clicking on that link.
click here to download this application>>>>>>>>>>

Recovery Software Free Download

How do we get back the deleted data? We are familiar with an app that says something about it.This application is the name of the Ease data recovery.What we do with this is that we can delete the photo or video that we have deleted or the voice recording and other files.For example,

we are an application that uses our computer or mobile phone or memory card or USB to format the data back to us.  Ease us data Recovery.Many recovery software can now be downloaded from the Internet but it is not 100% winner, But the Ease data recovery is a very successful application in the trial version.
By clicking on the link below, you will be able to download the data recovery application website and click the Download button to download the free version of it, If you want to get the full version of this, you will get only cash payments.First you download the free version and you feel that you are a genuine and then pay the full version cash and buy it.If you have to pay a great amount of money to retrieve the lost data from the usual computer and mobile. But if this app is in your hands you can get rid of the lost data.Similarly, the application is designed to be used by ordinary people who do not need more knowledge to use it.
And you can use other futures once you get to this site, that is, we can restore the backed file and recover it from a disc that can be retrieved from the disk.If you look at the usual recovery software, the software can retrieve so much speed and This feature is a complete backup of the lost data.
This application can not be downloaded in the play store and can only be downloaded by clicking on the link below.To relate doubts about this software, you need to chat on their website.Once the rank on their site is checked we will be able to understand that more and more people are using this software, so this is a trustworthy application.Once you have liked this application, use it to others. The link to download the software is as follows

click here to download this software>>>

Live tv application free download

Today we explain live TV .app on live TV application which can run multiple TV channels simultaneously.
In today’s age we use more mobile phone than TV and therefore no one recharge the TV receiver.Live TV is an app that offers TV

channels from their mobile phones. The following is a link to download it.Once this app is used, we may opt out of advertisements on programs that are on the TV,
which are less expensive than the TV channel
application is especially designed for those people who want to enjoy their favorite television shows and movies on the go. The content can be streamed in standard definition as well as high definition with the application. If you want to download the APK file of the application, .And with the use of this app we will lose only a very low net and thus let us avoid recharge our TV.Live TV app downloaded using this link will only be used on the Android phone.There are many people around the world who use this application .and the English language Hindi is available in this application. The application is available in any language from any country.When watching TV channels using this application does not have any technical issues and only a very slight Internet MB to download it.Likewise, you will lose only a short space from your mobile device to install this app.
The first thing you have to do to use the Live TV app is to click on the link below for this post and download the application.Wait a little while to download and your speed of download is depending on your internet connection.Then install the live TV application on your phone and then what channel you want to do is search the application bar in the search bar and only ok .That’s all you need to do.If you like to see this application already, share with your friends
do not forget to share with us nice good application like this one you like,then with this site we can introduce the application to other people