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Our Website is a website that introduces you to applications that are very different.The purpose of this website is to present to you the simplest application of the good apps from other websites on the app available in Playstore.What we are going to introduce today is such a very versatile app because most people who use mobile phone use WhatsApp.Therefore, it is a very useful application for those who use WhatsApp.This app is the name Pause it.Pause It is the fist app that let you leave whatsapp without internet connectivity where all other apps of your devide works the same with internet.
With Pause It you can turn off whatsapp whenever you feel Whatsapp messages are disturbing too much and you dont even need to turn wifi/mobile data off.
Important: Make sure whatsapp is not running in the background.
You can watch your favourite videos on youtube without Whatsapp messages disturbing you as Whatsapp is having no internet connection.
You can listen to music, use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Watch movies, etc. and you will have complete enjoyment of your choice without Whatsapp distraction.
Having a date with your loved one,with family or at office meeting where you need inetenet but no Whatsapp messages so just use Pause It. And Whatsapp will not cause you any more irritation to you.
We are just taking Whatsapp out from internet so you dont need to turn off wifi/mobile data.Click the Get on PlayStore button to download this app, then go to the Play Store and click the Install button.One thing to note is that only people who use Android phone can download the app using this link.If people using other smartphones contact us, we will direct the link to them.If you like this app, please share it with others

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