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Today we are going to introduce about a live TV application. We have already introduced the Live TV app. There are many people who use such apps. But it is an application that is different from all of them.Live Tv Entertainment & Cricket Guide app for Bangladesh, Pakistani and World wide dramas, news, live sports, entertainment programs,

and free live cricket tv match schedule guide.Watch Live TV: channels across News, Entertainment, Infotainment, Music, Movies, Devotional, Lifestyle, Kids, Sports across multiple languages ​​like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Assamese, Punjabi , Bhojpuri, Gujrati and Urdu. You can pause and play live TV. You can choose your video quality to save data or watch in high quality. We also have a new improved live tv backbone to ensure that you have an experience with no buffering and no bugs.The link to download this app is given below the post. Anyone can download this app very easily after clicking on the link.

It is important to note that no account details are required for download.After downloading it you will be able to install this application on your mobile phone.Once the app is installed and opened, you have the option of selecting the channels within your preferred language.The makers of this live tv application have made this app so that everyone can easily use it.Only a minimal amount of Internet use is required to download this application, and the use of this application is significantly less than usual. The LifeTV app can be used on any smartphone.This app is hugely popular because people who want to watch TV can watch their favorite channels from any place.


To day i am introducing a good application. This app has a lot of features.  There is an audio manager in there to watch.  But this is your photo or video audio.  Or you can hide your files on your mobile phone.Therefore, he or she cannot hide your photos or files while you are checking with someone else’s mobile phone. There are lots of apps like this one that can be downloaded from the internet. But what makes it different from this app? This app is Futures.
1-The photo and video can be hidden and hidden without being viewed by anyone else.
2- Hide the photo and video in your gallery in the form of Audio Manager.
3- You can make a photo and video production with a password finger lock that no one else can see.Audio Manager Gallery Vault is a Private Photo Lock App,Video Lock App and Audio Lock App. photo hider app that lets you hide pictures/videos.
Hide your Photos/Videos behind Se crate App its look like Simple “Audio Manager”.With this Gallery Vault, your privacy is well protected and secure.People love this app a lot because it has such a lot of features. Lock app installed in your phone. You can import your private images and videos in this secure vault, and nobody knows the existence of it.
This audio manager wallet is a great privacy protection tool for Android. Lock Your ,Album,Gallery, etc, behind a PIN or pattern. One-tap to lock apps.
Very easy and convenient to use. Best security application for your phone. audio manager gallery wallet, your best App Locker & privacy guard, audio manager wallet is a smarter and safer android app locker , which guards your privacy security with private vault, I hope this app is useful to all of you I use this app I have a very useful app.Don’t forget to comment your valuable comments about our website, safe lock screen, hide icon.is the most smart AppLock!

Once you have clicked the get it on button, you can download the app for free.This app is only available forAndroid users.Using an app like this will secure the entire photo on your mobile phone.