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XEFX – Camera & Photo Animator

Hi guys, today we are going to introduce an entirely different application. You may not see or use such an application before. This Android application will really help you in many situations. So read this article completely to understand each and every details of this application.


This is the name of this application. You may not understand nothing from the name of this application. But don’t worry. When you complete reading this article you will understand the uses of the features of this application.

Actually this is a D3D camera,Photo animator and wallpaper application. If you didn’t know what it is I will give you a brief.
By using this application you can able to animate photos through a different method. For that this application provide many awesome tools. So if you apply these features in normal photos you will feel it like the particular normal photo is converted to an animated photo.

This is one of the best feature of this application. But it’s not only the tools on this application. There are lot of other tools which will help you to bring many awesome effects in your photos. There are more than 200 effects in this application. So you can able to select your favourite and the suitable one for your photos.

Here are some editing tools and features of this application.

Magic sky
Hype animate text
Photo motion
Camera fx
Template effects
Water flow
Add animated text
Musi video
Photo editor
HD wallpaper

These are the most important tools and features of this application. You can try them all to bring many different effects.

We all are social media application’s users. So while we use social media applications like facebook and instagram, we may upload photos and videos in it. So by using this application you can able to upload awesome photos and videos by editing with this application with the help of best suitable tools and features.

So that’s all about this application. Share your feedback after install and use this application.

See you soon with another tech update


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