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Wrong password alarm & Intruder selfie

Hi guys, do you want to secure your smartphone from intruders and from others ? This is a common need of majority people who own a smartphone. Because now a days people keep their most important datas and other private and other informations in their smartphone. So we know that smartphone become a assistant of people’s life other than a device used for calling and messaging.Wrong password alarm
So it is essential to make it secure by and keep safe from intruders, thefts and others e.t.c.

The name of this app is ” lock eye ” . You can easily recognise that this application is related to the lock features when you read the name of the app.This application will help you to enable a feature which will sound an alarm when someone try wrong password, pin number, patters e.t.c on your smartphone.

Wrong password alarm

Main Features Wrong password application

★ Wrong password alarm
★ Wrong password photo capture
★ Anti-spy alarm
★ Anti-theft alarm
★ Intruder selfie

Sometimes we may also provide wrong password accidentally. But in such cases this app will not sound an alarm. It will happen if someone make continues wrong attempts. It is definitely mean that it will be a intruder or a thief.
So when the alarm rings, you can easily able to find who is it. The people around your smartphone can also able to recognize the situation in your absence. When someone tries to unlock your phone, and after a certain number of failed attempts, the app will start an alarm, or silently take a picture.

This app also capture the photo of everyone who provide wrong password. So you can easily able to find who take your smartphone in the absence of you or without your permission.
Iam definitely sure that this is really an useful feature for everyone who own a smartphone. So try this app and give your feedback.

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