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Today iam here with one special application having some fun and special features. Iam definitely sure that all of you are little aware about this application. Anyway read this article completely to understand each and every details of this application briefly.
Wombo ai app

When you see the ‘ AI ‘ in the name of this application understand little bit about this application. Yes, Wombo ai app is work with the AI feature. Actually Wombo ai app is very trending now. Because majority people like the AI feature of Wombo Ai app.

if you didn’t know about this feature you will understand each and everything about it when you complete reading this article.Actually the important feature of this application is animating the photos.
That means provide animation for a still photo you can also consider this as convert a photo into video. This is really a cool feature
If you have your old photos and if you want to make it alive you can use this application. Actually there are many different types of application which provide this feature. This is one of the best one among them.You can also able to add audio or music to the video that you want to animate from this application. If you didn’t know how to animate photo I will describe it for you.

How to animate a photo by using WOMBO PHOTO

First of all install this application from the ‘ download now ‘ button appear below this post. After that you can able to ca camera feature when you open the application. Capture the image that you want to animate. Means capture the image of the person or the photo of a person that you want to animate. Then select the audio music that you want to add or sink with the lip movement of the particular photo. The movement will be automatically generated along with the song.Different types of songs are available in different sections. Unable to select your favourite song among them.

Is wombo ai free

For this question we can able to say that what is a free application. Can I able to your photos with many songs with the free version. But there is also a premium version for this application. You can able to enjoy more features from the premium version of this application. Now I think that you got answer for the question ‘ is wombo ai free ‘ .
So that’s all about the wombo AI free application. Don’t forget to share your feedback after install and use the application.
See you soon with another tech update.


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