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WhatsAuto – Reply App Download

Hi guys, we all are interested with new technologies and developments in many sectors. If you are an user of a smartphone you must interested in the modern technologies in smartphone. So we introduced many useful apps through this website having a lot of awesome and useful features.
Likewise today also iam going to introduce an app for you.
The name of this app is ” whatsauto ” . I think you may not understand anything while you see the name of this app. But don’t worry. I will help you to understand more about this app and it’s features and also how it become an useful app for people who use smartphone.

Like i said above majority of the people use atleast a single smartphone now. And majority of them must use atleast a single social media app.
You use social media apps for chat with your friends, family members and with some other people.

So sometimes you want to send a same message or gave reply to many people. If you are busy with your work at that time, what will you do ? It is essential to reply atleast for a single time to the incoming message.
If you are entrepreneur, this type of feature is very essential for you. In short you can able to create a bot which will give reply to the message you receive. For that this app supports many social media platforms like

1) Whatsapp
2) Whatsapp Business
3) Instagram
4) Telegram
5) Messenger
6) Messenger Lite
7) Twitter
8) LinkedIn
9) Signal
10) Facebook pages manager
11) Viber

Using this app you can also able to activate bot for groups. This app provide many ready made messages. Either you can able to select it or type a custom message.
You can also able to see the statistics of the messages wanted by the bot from this app.
So if you are searching for this type of features, install this app now.


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