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Whatsapp Voice message Translate

Whatsapp Voice message Translate

Today,it is difficult to find a smartphone user who didn’t use whats app. Majority of the smartphone users must use whats app and other such social media applications in their smartphone.

So today,i would like to introduce an awesome application for you that related to whatsapp.The name of this application is’TRANSCRIBER’.I am definitely sure that this application is a very useful one for all whats app users. this app use Whats app Voice message Translate
People go for many programs and functions with our smartphone.At that time,if you receive a voice message in whats app or from other messengers application,it is difficult to hear that voice message if the situation is not suitable.
When you go for a meeting or to some offices,you can’t allowed to use your smartphone there.So if you receive an urgent voice message on at that time,you can’t able to gave reply to it without hearing it.I think that these types of problems are founded among the people for so many times.
If you faced such type of a problem and if you want to solve the problem,this application will help you for that.If you want to know what your friend say in the voice message without listen it,this application will help you.This is the attractive function of this application.
Now,let me describe how this application works.First of all install this application in your smartphone.After that open it and gave necessary permissions.
After that open your whatsapp and select the voice message that you want to change to text.After that click on the share icon.At that time,you can able to see there many sharing options.
Select the option ‘TRANSCRIBER’ among them.If you done all these steps,the text mode of the selected voice message will appear on the screen.
This Whats app Voice message Translate have also one other attractive feature.
If you want to hear the voice message very fastly, very slowly and common speed,this application will help you for that.For that select the option ‘PLAY VOICE MESSAGE IN…’.At that time you can able to see the voice message and speed ratio.Select any speed ratio among them and you can able to hear the voice message on that speed.
So these are the attractive and outstanding features of this application.If you want to enjoy the features of this Whatsapp Voice message Translate,i recommend you to install the ‘TRANSCRIBER’ application in your smartphone.


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