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WhatsApp online offline app

Hi friends
Today we introducing about a superb app named yansa it uses for tracking WhatsApp, telegram etc.
It is good app for tracking applications such as telegram, WhatsApp. Yansa allows to scan activity statics in those apps.
Currently WhatsApp allows to off the last seen time so we cannot see that time if they off that.

All of us we would like to notice our wife’s, lover, or children’s last seen times
Because in the current world they missuss or waste their times on such apps. In this situation this app helps us to see their last time s. We can add 10 profiles and understand the analytics for each profiles with choice of dates and time intervals.

so you will be able to receive notifications that added profiles are online or offline.

Another big feature of this app is you also receive the notifications whether you are offline or logged out of this app.
At last i am telling a special feature of this app which is make it different from all tracker apps that is we can also take free subscription by installing a application and other some small tasks so we will be able to use its extension free trial features


  • Tracking user activity in vk, tg, whats
  • App work offline and when app is turned off;
  • Detailed Analytics for each profile
  • Getting push notifications about profile activity
  • Lack of authorization and registration
  • bility to track up to 10 profiles simultaneously

So dear friends. This is a good app for you Because i felt good i have given the link below you can download from the play store if you click that link
So sorry if anything went wrong so thank you dears see you again


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